Top Ecommerce Blog Posts and Articles For May 2011

A little late with the top posts of May, but we’ve been crazy busy with ShopSite 11 upgrades.

I love the month of May. Time to plant new grass for the lawn, a taste of summer, and golf gets into “full swing” (pun intended).

Of course May also has some great ecommerce pages and posts, so check them out on your iPad while you’re lounging next to the pool.  :)

TOP PICK: Idiot-Proofing Your StoredoublePLUS
Funny, short, easy to read, and most importantly, spot-on!

Shopping Cart Page Checklist: 16 Things I Look ForGetElastic
Great list with clear examples

Do 404s Hurt My SiteGoogle Webmaster Blog
The 411 on 404s, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Fat Pandas and Thin ContentSEOmoz
More solid info about dealing with Google’s latest algorithm update.

Innovative Techniques To Simplify Sign-Ups and Log-InsSmashing Magazine
Some cool tips in this one to avoid customer confusion.

Optimizing Page Speed – Actionable Tips For SEOs and Web DevelopersSEOmoz
In-depth tips and tricks for the “geeks” like me.

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  1. Jacob says:

    Heh, I always had a sort of ‘superstition’ about the whole 404 thing. I never acutally heard from anyone that 404s would hurt me, but I just sort of assumed. I would always get a feeling of dread when I noticed dead links on my sites.

    However, I soon realized that they never seemed to actually count against me, so it’s good to see Google confirm what I suspected from my “testing”

  2. Jacob,

    Yes, it is good to hear that Google does not really care about 404s. It’s more of an issue for actual visitors not finding the content they expected.

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