Magento Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A fully managed VPS for Magento 1 or 2 works well for stores needing more space or dedicated resources. More optimized than shared hosting, with specific enhancements unique to Magento ecommerce websites.

Magento VPS plan includes:

100 GB of RAID-10 SSD disk space
1,000 GB of monthly bandwidth
Unique IP Number for SSL support
Zend opcode caching enabled and optimized
php-fpm, MySQL, Redis optimized for Magento
Custom web based account manager for easy site management
Full page cache module available
Optional Varnish support for faster pages and better scaling
Continuous performance monitoring to ensure fast loading pages at all times
Proactive security patches applied to all Magento stores
Magento store settings reviewed and optimized by LexiConn
50 GB CDN bandwidth included for faster loading pages

Price: $299 per month, one time $100 setup fee

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What is a Virtual Private Server(VPS)?

A VPS is similar to a dedicated server, but shares the hardware resources with other VPS clients. Each VPS is 100% self-contained, and is given guaranteed resources in terms of CPU, Memory, and disk space.

We fully manage the VPS, so you do not need to worry about patching installed software, monitoring resources, dealing with security issues, etc...

Magento Optimizations

These VPS installs are optimized for Magento Ecommerce stores, including Apache config optimizations, Zend Opcode caching, MySQL caching and tuned config, and extra memory to allow for fast Magento sites. We also utilize php-fpm for increased performance and lightweight resource usage.

We monitor the performance of the VPS, including proper monitoring of Zend OpCode (free memory and unclaimed memory) to insure your store is running optimally.

Technical Specs

  • Dual Xeon E5620 2.4 GHz CPU (40 cores)
  • Hardware RAID-10 SSD based drive system
  • Gigabit public and private network
  • centOS, 64-bit OpenVZ operating system
  • Daily backups retained for 5 days, plus daily bare-metal restore backups

Do I get root access?

Since we fully manage the VPS, root access is usually not needed. It can be granted by request though. LexiConn must have root access at all times to properly manage the VPS.

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