Magento Admin Panel slow? Disable This Setting

If you have been seeing very slow pages in your admin panel lately for Magento 2 store owners, or random spinning icons while waiting for pages to load in the admin, it may be related to a change Adobe made to some of their JavaScript files.

Specifically, if you have the feature on for “Admin Usage Tracking”, which is defined as:

Grants permission for Adobe to collect usage data to improve the experience of using the Admin, and related products and services. Allowing data collection also enables In-Product Guidance which is designed to bring interactive content such as help, tool tips, walk-through guides, onboarding information, feature announcements, and more to the Admin. Individual administrators are not identified in usage data. Options:
Yes – Allows data collection and enables In-Product Guidance.
No – Does not allow data collection nor enable In-Product Guidance.

You will want to disable this feature under:

Stores -> Settings -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Admin

Once you do that and flush the Magento cache, it should fix these randomly slow loading pages until Adobe can fix their local JavaScript issues.

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