Custom ShopSite Add-on Modules

LexiConn offers the largest selection of add-on modules to extend the functionality of ShopSite. LexiConn is the number one source for ShopSite hosting expertise and modules to allow merchants to get the most out of ShopSite.

New! OAuth Bridge Module - Integrate ShopSite's New OAuth / Login system with third party services that do not support OAuth authentication.

ShipStation Module - Integrate your ShopSite store with ShipStation.

Ajax Add to Cart Module - Seamless add to cart with no page reload.

Search Suggestion Module - Show your best selling products as customers type in the search box.

Image Alt Tag Module - Automate setting alt tag text for images to any ShopSite field.

Gift Certificate Creation Module - Easily create any number of unique gift certificates.

Add Coupon and Product Together - One add to cart button to add both a product and coupon at the same time.

In-Stock Notification Module - Allow shoppers to receive an email when an item that was out of stock is back in-stock.

Wholesale Module - Seamlessly integrate a wholesale section with ShopSite's Customer Registration.

Coupon Creation Module - Easily create any number of unique one-time use coupons. Great for promotions or email campaigns.

MySQL DB Module - Imports (and keeps in sync) all ShopSite data into a MySQL database with easy to use PHP functions.

Quick Order Module - Allow customers to enter SKUs and quantities on one form to quickly order products.

LexiConn Shipping Module (LSM) - A multi-faceted shipping API module that allows merchants the flexibility to restrict or allow shipping options by country, state, or certain products.

Email Marketing Module - Integrate a fully featured mailing list and autoresponder solution with your ShopSite Pro store.

Urchin Sales Stats and ROI Module - LexiConn offers an enhanced statistics module for ShopSite Pro stores that can produce reports on a wide variety of data. Find out where your revenue comes from, top selling products, repeat buyers, and more...

Order Status Module - The Order Status module allows a merchant to provide a web based method for customers to login and view the current status of their order.

Customer Loyalty Coupon Module - Offer your customers a unique one time use coupon after an order is placed. Offer different rewards to a first time buyer vs. a repeat customer.

Fraud Deterrent Module - Prevent customers from certain countries from being able to checkout. Prevent individual IPs from placing an order. Include the country of the IP of the customer with each order.

Miscellaneous Add-ons - Smaller ShopSite modules and code / scripts that perform a variety of functions...

Archived ShopSite add-ons - Older add-on modules no longer needed for version 10 or higher ShopSite stores.