Magento Optimization Exclusive to LexiConn

Software Enhancements

  • Apache and PHP custom compiled for fastest processing
  • MySQL tuned for Magento, including my.cnf changes to optimize caching and performance
  • php-fpm installed for highly efficient php processing without degrading page loads
  • Zend opcode caching set up, tuned, and continually monitored for optimal usage (20% faster than APC caching).
  • Redis set up and configured for use in Magento caching, sessions, and full page cache (dedicated servers only)

Magento Software

  • All security patches proactively applied
  • Continuous performance monitoring of each store to ensure fast loading pages at all times
  • Optional Varnish software installed and integrated with Magento
  • verify proper cron set up and configured
  • verify proper log rotation and MySQL table cleanups
  • verify reporting and logging set up to minimize performance impact
  • verify settings for proper indexing, caching, and performance in Magento
  • We will install and configure a full page cache module for peak performance
  • Configure and optimize CDN usage for even faster page loads
  • robots.txt optimized for proper SEO

Backup Backups Backups

We are serious about our backups. Every Magento account includes:

  • Nightly backup of all files to a local backup drive, 5 days of backups retained at all times
  • Each MySQL database is dumped nightly for a 100% safe point-in-time backup file, retained for 5 days
  • Nightly bare metal backup is taken from a Continuous Data Protection System (CDP) that allows us to fully restore the server in the event of data corruption or loss of the RAID array.
  • Offsite geographically diverse daily backup taken for disaster recovery purposes.


We strive to provide a customized environment that is personalized to each Magento store to help you get the most out of your ecommerce solution. Very few hosts take this approach with Magento, instead opting to provide a generic framework that is not designed for maximum performance and reliability.