Reviews and Testimonials From LexiConn Clients

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"A quick note to tell you how pleased I have been with the level of service and support at Lexiconn. I have hosted with the "big boys" in the past and have been stuck in endless support queues. I use pay-per-click advertising and cannot afford any downtime - let alone downtime while I wait for someone to call me back. Never being able to reach anyone during outages cost me so much money that I had to find another solution.

Lexiconn came highly recommended as providing the same (and even better!) reliability as the big names, but with real people who respond very quickly. Want to save some money in both the short and the long run? Leave Verio and the like in the dust and sign up at Lexiconn."

Steve Blackwell
e- Wedding Bands

"We operate several niche market web stores. Up until we were introduced to Lexiconn they were all being hosted at the same "big name" hosting operation. While cheaper, online response was poor, tech support was slow, human interaction non-existent, etc. At the suggestion of one of our developers we decided to try Lexiconn for our newest store. What a difference! Not only do we plan to open all new stores at Lexiconn, we are beginning to move all of our current stores to Lexiconn as their contracts expire on the other host. I've been developing commercial web sites since 1996 and Lexiconn has by far the best customer support I've ever seen. Highly recommended."

Tim Barry

"Lexiconn has, without doubt, the best customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. You quickly reach people who know what they are talking about with solutions for your problem. If you are considering working with LexiConn, do it. It will simplify your life."

John Neugent
Neuvation Cycling

"Fantastic - Over and Above Technical Support and Service I just moved over to LexiConn recently and the tech support, customer service and sales was a fantastically seamless process. They are very good about understanding what you need and how to get you there as well as very, very responsive. I would recommend them to anyone I know who could benefit from their services (and already have!)."

Miriam B.
Goodie Mags

"The Best of The Best

Lexiconn surpasses expectations even when those expectations are very high. We've gained a business partner and true support 24/7. Having experienced another hosting company with inferior service, we looked at a site within our industry that was never down and never seemed to have a glitch. We asked who hosted that site and were told about Lexiconn in such glowing terms that our decision was made. It's been a few years now and we wouldn't dream of leaving Lexiconn. Thank you, gentlemen, for your wonderful service, patience and support."

Monica Segal

"Better than I could have ever expected

We transferred our Shopsite store over to Lexiconn from another hosting service and I can't say enough good about them. The response time and service they provide is second to none. I've been working with various web hosts over a period of 12 years or so and Lexiconn is head and shoulders above the rest. Well worth it!!!!"

Simply Texas

"By Far, The Very Best Hosting Service on the internet!!!

My company has been with LexiConn for many years. I needed an exceptional hosting service, because like a lot of small companies today, do their business online as a living. I am no exception, and have relied upon the service and technical people here at LexiConn to help me with options in making my decisions for a continued growth company. Recently within the past 2 days, we have undergone a domain name change, and these guys seen to it everything worked out the way it was suppose to, AND to my satisfaction, including working on minor glitches at night (close to midnight to be exact!). Now people, I don't usually say to much about a service from a company, because I expect nothing less than 100% Satisfaction,,, BUT the people at LexiConn has gone above and beyond the 100% Satisfaction. I take pride in my Customer service, and when I find another company that is able to meet my guidelines for Customer Service, others need to know. Bottom line, "NOTHING BEATS Word Of Mouth"! The Support group is Second to None, and have the answers to make it happen. For the Small Business owners out there, You need to have the assurance that your online business is up and running, and if you have a problem or question, whether its about expanding online, or can you help me with an idea, these people at LexiConn are the ones you are looking for. Hands Down!!! I will Never need to go and find another hosting company again. I love the product they offer, and the Service can Not be Beat!!! To those at Lexiconn, I Salute You

Mike Williams

"I switched from Verio

Superior service and helpfulness at Lexiconn. I am very happy. Tech support is much more knowledgeable, and their shopsite support is the best. Don't be foolish, switch to Lexicon, you will be impressed."

Bob Graham

"A real class act!

Our fast-growing natural-health products company relies on our ecommerce. Having done serious research, your company was recommended as being hands-down the best. In the few years we've been with you, that has absolutely been our experience. Things just work right, and if anything ever needs attention or we have a question, we always get instantaneous or almost instantaneous support with that magic mix of expertise and friendliness that is the epitome of how we wish everything could be. You guys are simply the best! A real class act!"

Jay Newman
Invision International Health Solutions

"LexiConn has, hands down, the best technical support I have ever experienced!

LexiConn has, hands down, the best technical support I have ever experienced! I know that my store is always covered because of them and that I don't have to face problems alone. Their response rate is extremely fast which is essential when running an online store. You are in good hands if you have LexiConn behind you!"

Debra R.
Diva Entertains

"I switched to Lexiconn four and a half years ago. I have never regretted that decision. They have always been there for me when I needed technical support and they have continued to add value to my hosting package. I recommend them without hesitation. I love Lexiconn!"


"I have dealt with Lexiconn for over 5 years as a customer. I am very familiar with web hosting, dating back to 1995. Lexiconn offers excellent hosting packages, and the best service you will find anywhere."

J. Good

"Lexiconn is the best in too many ways to enumerate. A rare sparkle of excellence in the mud of mediocre hosting companies"

Steve McNamara

"Lexiconn has hosted our website for the past four years. Their customer service is always top-notch, with fast help and advice combined with a friendliness not often experienced these days. Would recommend Lexiconn to anyone looking for excellent hosting/customer service."

John G.

"Simply the best service we have ever received from an internet hosting company at the fairest pricing I have seen. Our previous host took days to answer support tickets and upgrade request. With LexiConn 99% of the time it's answered in minutes. I can't recommend them enough. For me there is no other hosting company if you are trying to run a serious online business."

Brian N.

"Lexiconn is the third hosting company I have used in the nine years that my website has existed, and I am amazed at how far superior the service is to
that of my prior hosts.  My phone calls and emails have each been answered promptly, and I have never been unable to contact tech support.  It has been an incredible relief to be able to get my technical questions answered at once, since I need to concentrate on selling shoes, not keeping a website functioning.  Lexiconn's services are worth twice the price to me (but I'm glad to get them at this reasonable price!) "

Liz Coughlin

"I have to say, I have been in business since 1993, and used Shopsite (leased) since almost its inception in 1999 voted #2 best for 2011,

I have never, ever had a better and more proficient hosting company and website. You guys are AMAZING, and I can't believe what we get for the price, and your custom shopsite add ons... I love your order module, and mostly how your staff, for years, answers my questions and makes needed technical changes faster than immediately. Nice work, and please publish my highest recommendation anywhere."

Dawn Boiani

"You're clearly the most competent hosting service I've used in the 11 years I've been in business. My clients' websites are up and running within two hours, and you've never made a mistake in setting up one of my sites.
Your reseller program discounts are generous, and you treat me like a valued friend, not just another client.

Thanks. I like using your services."

Dave Murphy
Information Technology Trainers -

"It's ironic: the Internet has made instantaneous communication available to just about everybody, yet one of the biggest complaints heard about many Internet-related businesses -- like web hosting companies -- is something like this:
"I don't know if they got my message or not!"
"Haven't heard anything yet..."
"Can't seem to get in touch with the right department."

Not so with Lexiconn. I can't remember ever dealing with a company that was so consistently responsive to questions, requests for help, etc. As modern business happens more and more in "real time" this is an enormous advantage.

Their services are excellent; they are constantly adding and modifying their offerings as new technologies emerge (although they don't jump on everything that comes along, which would drive everybody crazy). Even though I haven't met them -- I'm 3000 miles away -- I get the strong impression that they're pretty nice guys as well.

This last is important, of course, but I mention it last. Let's face it, everybody has access to the same technologies. But it's the weak link in the chain that gets our attention, and frequently that link is communication...
And these guys have that one mastered."

Marc C. Linn

"To LexiConn - As you know, our site, wrightslaw dot com, is devoted to providing legal and practical information (statutes, regulations, cases, articles, etc) for parents of children with disabilities. We also have information for attorneys and educators. Our first book, Wrightslaw: Special Education Law goes to press today.

We just want to let you know how pleased we are with all of the assistance you have provided to us in getting our first site, wrightslaw dot com, and now our second site and our daughter's own site up and running. Our ShopSite store has been so easy to implement and use. We already have orders for almost a thousand books even before our book comes back from the printer, just by using our majordomo list. The list has been growing steadily and is close to 6000 subscribers.

We appreciate the easy access to live staff, the quick replies to our questions, and the extensive help you have given us. It seems that no one ever sleeps at LexiConn and help is an email or phone call away, 24 hours a day. Many thanks."

Pete and Pam Wright

"There are several characteristics of good customer service: listening skills, verbal skills, product knowledge, responsiveness, good manners, patience, professionalism, etc., plus all the training and structural work that precedes the delivery of these characteristics.  On the few occasions we have had to call Lexiconn for trouble-shooting, each person that answered the line has displayed these characteristics.  Another indicator of good customer service is not having to contact the customer service staff often and that is also our experience with Lexiconn.  When one is a small company, it's nice to know that we get the same good service the big guys get."


"This thank you is long overdue. THANK YOU Lexiconn for providing the most top-of-the-line hosting! After going through 3 hosting services over 5 years time, I'm thrilled that I was referred to you. Your team is knowledgeable, professional, and provides the best customer service I've ever experienced. Finally, a company that doesn't outsource.

I don't believe that my site has ever gone down in the 1-1/2 years I've been with you. What a track record to be proud of. I appreciate that you're always easy to reach, and go out of your way to assist me with even the smallest requests. Additionally, your customization of my cart to meet my needs is greatly appreciated.

Lexiconn, you are the "boutique" of hosting companies! Thank you for everything."

Lynn Goldfinger

"In September 1997, I switched over my main site from a web- hosting firm that I was unsatisfied with. After many frustrating confrontations with them, I knew it was time to move.

We all know that many web-hosting companies promise you the world, but you don't know what they are really like until after you have signed up and spent many countless hours on your site.

When I was exploring potential hosts, I sent out several email inquiries - not only to see if they had what I required, but also to check their response time. Right away it became clear that LexiConn was ahead of the game. The several inquiries (as well as one telephone call - answered promptly) through email were all answered within hours of the inquiry being sent.

Since being with LexiConn, I have had nothing but exceptional service and support from both Robert and Jason. I have since moved two other sites I manage over to LexiConn, and recommend them to anyone that is looking for a web-hosting company.

If I were to rank them on a scale of ten, they would receive an eleven! Keep up the excellent work guys!"

Dave Stirling
Manager of:,,

"I used to think all hosting companies were the same. Most provide lousy service combined with inexperienced support. This can be very frustrating to say the least. I'm happy to say that I no longer have to deal with this and neither do you. This is thanks to Lexiconn Internet Services, Inc.

I can't say enough good things about this company. They made switching over a breeze. They handled it all, from transferring files to setting up e-mail accounts. I couldn't believe the level of service I received when I first signed up with them. Thanks to Rich, Rob, Manny and the entire staff at Lexiconn, the migration stage was effortless on my part.

These guys are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. They also answer e-mails within minutes. In addition to their high quality customer service, the hosting is the absolute best I have ever experienced. I couldn't be more pleased with Lexiconn. I already have two accounts with them and I'll be referring their services to others.

I very highly recommend Lexiconn Internet Services, Inc. for all your hosting needs. After dealing with this company, you'll wonder how you ever dealt with any other hosting company!"

Frank Mangano
Mangano Publishing, Inc.

"I use shopsite pro and pay about $100 a month for it and hosting. I work through Lexiconn -- they have the best technical support of any internet company I have ever worked with bar none. If you use shopsite, I'd highly recommend them.

I used to run an internet marketing company and currently run 6 large websites, so I've dealt with a lot of tech companies."

Tony Stoltzfus

"The team at Lexicon consistently goes above and beyond expectations with their outstanding customer service. They are quick to resolve issues that come up and to help in any way they can. They have a thorough knowledge of ShopSite and fully support the program. They truly want their customers to be successful and it shows. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a hosting service."

Jeni Benos
Jenuinely Jeni, Inc.



"I would like to help spread the word about how amazing this company is!

I would like to help spread the word about how amazing this company is! Lexiconn is simply the BEST hosting company I have ever dealt with. They are also extremely competent about Shopsite and provide tremendous help when needed in an amazingly timely fashion. Their customer service, technical team is outstanding and they have helped me with issues that no one else has been able to figure out. After working with Lexiconn, I would do ANYTHING I could to host any new site, or company that I do with them. I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you for all your great service and give a great name to the industry."

Kirstie Berzanski
Moving Box Delivery Inc.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Lexiconn. They are easily the best web hosting and Shopsite software provider I have dealt with in my career online. Their customer service is knowledgeable, courteous, and most importantly, incredibly fast. They are a pleasure to work with."

Kurt C.

"LexiConn is our fourth experience with a hosting company. Our previous hosts ranged from really poor to OK. Our experience with LexiConn has been outstanding ranking far above anyone we have dealt with before. Our move was handled virtually without issue and when questions arose answers were there very quickly. Our entire e-commerce site was re-established with no downtime or interruption to our customers. I am truly impressed with LexiConn, their technicians and their service."

Bill Shayler

I NEVER take the time to write reviews, but, truly, Lexiconn is the most helpful, most supportive and quickest to respond of any business I've ever dealt with, Internet based or otherwise. I feel very confident growing my business with Lexiconn.

They are a gem!"

Borderline Personality Support

"I just wanted to say thanks for the great support. I've added some domains and blogs/Wordpress and each request was handled quickly and with competence. These days, I notice a lot of companies bend over backwards to be nice, yet completely fail to solve your problem-the wrong people in the wrong job, I guess. It's really great to have a service provider like Lexiconn that does it all--efficient, knowledgeable, helpful, and pleasant.

Also, I had help from several different techs--Rob, Manny, and Steven and didn't notice it was a different person, because they were all really, really good."

Carole C.

"I have just completed a complex upgrade to my site with a content management system and multi-language pages. The support and general advice I received from Jason and Rob and the whole team has been OUTSTANDING .... as usual. Over the 12 years I've been with Lexiconn, the service and support I have received is a Diamond standard; there isn't any better. Thanks guys!"

Terri Morgan

"I have been with LexiConn for many, many years. Moved my ShopSite Pro website to them after 2 other hosts, and what a world of difference. In addition to prompt help with questions, website "down" time is extremely rare, and the network status information is invaluable."

The Artful Soul

"Talk about quick response time!

Talk about quick response time! I don't count hours, rather minutes in getting an answer to questions. This after working with a former host that came highly rated but left us waiting at least a day for any response. Find an excuse to change won't regret it."

Victor Toso

"Lexiconn has proven itself time and time again to have the most efficient and knowledgeable customer support and service. It is very rare to come across a company that offers their customers 110% all the time and Lexiconn goes above and beyond.

Many thanks from a grateful customer."

Wendy G.

"Lexiconn is the best hosting service on the net

Lexiconn is the best hosting service on the net. I really mean that. They are always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I recommend them to all my friends."

Madeline Binder
Science Fair Projects

"I found Lexiconn via the ShopSite Shopping Cart website. I am a webdesigner and was having problems with my hosting company. Lexiconn has been amazing . . . I have moved over 6 of my client accounts and plan to move them all. Their level of support is unheard of. You can actually call support and get a human! The transfers of the sites -- including the stores -- is flawless every time."

PSL Web Designs

"Lexiconn was recommended to me by Kyle Rodeck of, the specialists in search engine optimized websites.

Because of the enormous respect I had, and continue to have, for MerchantCorner's professionalism, I was certain that Lexiconn would prove to be everything that Kyle said they would be. I was wrong!

Lexiconn are even better. Further to the unequaled reliability of the hosting service they provide, their customer service is extraordinary. No matter what assistance I've asked for, the incredibly helpful and highly competent Lexiconn staff have taken care of it for me, usually within minutes.

But it doesn't stop there. Today, I received a follow up e-mail from them pointing out something that was extremely helpful to our business, and I hadn't even asked for assistance. Talk about over delivering!

In return for the incredible value for money that we've received, along with the red carpet customer service treatment that Lexiconn has rolled out for us, it gives me great pleasure to give Lexiconn and its staff our highest recommendation.

To anyone looking for a hosting company whose range of services and level of professionalism is without equal, there's no need to look any further. Lexiconn is simply the best."

Chris Lewis

"I am extremely impressed with the support that I receive. I recently started a new website and made the mistake of going with a different ShopSite hosting company. The software was out of date and I would wait on the line 20 minutes before getting a tech support agent from Pakistan to answer. They NEVER had a solution to my problem and promised to call me back after they found an answer...but never called. Once I switched over to Lexiconn everything has been GREAT! During the first week of setup I have lots of questions via email and phone and they always had an answer and were more than willing to help. If you are considering an online will not make a mistake going with these guys!"

Wendy P

"Our company has utilized LexiConn for years. I recently took over the company - and as common with management changes - there are many, many other service providers trying to offer incentives to switch over to them. I looked at what others were offering, and compared it to our current package. Others may be able to offer similar services, but the personal care is what seems to set them apart. With the outstanding service levels I have personally experienced with LexiConn, particularly Manny Aivaliotis in the customer service/LexiConn Support area, there is no need to even consider having anyone else handle our internet and web needs. He is excellent. When I need something done, the response is immediate and even the simplest of questions are answered thoroughly. We're very pleased with LexiConn and absolutely recommend this company."

Toast Products

"I just switched to Lexiconn, less then a month ago. I was with a hosting company that appeared to do a very decent job up until the last few weeks I was with them. After major issues, that cost our company quite a lot of revenue, I called our shopping cart vendor, ShopSite, and they recommended several companies. I called Lexiconn first and they switched all my database files over SEAMLESSLY. I had NO downtime. The only trouble I had was setting up my email (I'm not very technologically inclined). When I mentioned this to Lexiconn, Manny & Jason in technical support had it up and running for me within the half hour.

I had lots of questions the first day, and as fast as my emails were sent, they were answered. These guys never let on that I was being "pesky." They just took care of business!

I didn't know until I was with Lexiconn just how fast our website should be moving. I am SO IMPRESSED, and more then happy to recommend these folks to anyone."


"We feel we have gained a business partner with Lexiconn. Your response time, knowledge and general helpful, professional attitude has impressed us
beyond words. Your support team goes above and beyond basic support every time we contact them. Many times I have asked how to do something and they respond with a complete answer and then offer to do it for me. Their answers to my questions are detailed and with deeper background information to help me make a decision.  Support is outstanding and uptime is perfect. We are thrilled to have found a host that cares and offers true customer service. Thanks Lexiconn!!"

MLSC, Inc.

"Over the past year and a half I have gone through two intense periods of research looking for the perfect hosting company for my needs and the needs of my clients. Both times I came up with Lexiconn as #1 in relative price, selection of services, quality of service, attention to customer needs and technology advances and promptness and courtesy in dealing with support issues.

Thank you for helping to keep my business running smoothly and my business name a trusted one!"

Mary Makowsky
Max Media Solutions
Your Web Site is Waiting...

"We very much appreciate your speedy attention to any and all customer service requests concerning our website.  You treat our web commerce issues as seriously as we do and always give us prompt attention to any issue or question that we have.

Our website ecommerce has grown by 40% this year and we believe that your ongoing notifications of new ecommerce features and the great service and support that we get from LexiConn have played a big part  
in this growing success. Thank you for providing us with such great ongoing website support for over 4 years."

Jan Liverance

"I guess I would have to have mixed feelings about recommending Lexiconn. On the one hand the service has been terrific. Particularly amazing has been the speed with which I get responses to inquiries (often within minutes! and at night and on weekends too...). And the responses always address all questions asked. On the other hand I'm not sure whether I want the rest of the world to know about it - will they be able to maintain this service with high growth ? :-) Actually I'm trusting that they can. I've been very impressed with them."

John Nash, satisfied customer.
African Crafts Online

"Hats off to Lexiconn and much appreciation for:
*Superior Service with no down time experienced.
*Integrity in hosting (no porno etc allowed).
*Personal helping hand when needed with a very quick response.
*Good steady growth without software glitches.
*Keeping costs down with a very fair rate structure.
*A business culture that offers and creates a feeling of being in partnership with its customers.
*Visionary position and a very positive attitude."

George L. Cooper, Chairman
On-Hand Adhesives, Inc.

P.S. Lexiconn also hosts five additional sites for our company plus two other non-company sites.

"I'm extremely happy with the service/support at Lexiconn. We've experienced *no* downtime in the 8 or so months we've been with them. In fact, they just completed a total server/line changeover. The new server/lines deliver pages even faster now, and the amazing thing was that we had zero downtime during the changeover. Jason and Rob at Lexiconn really stay on top of it all, and it showed during this recent changeover. A less than professionally run ISP would have easily choked on such a massive undertaking.
I *highly* recommend Lexiconn."


"Dear Lexiconn, This is proof positive that customer service means a lot to you. It shows in the way you give it back to your customers. No other company was willing to provide space for a non-profit organization (church)at your basic price.....and what we get for the $29.95...Wow! It's wonderful and great to know that as our site grows, we have room to do so and a staff that can answer our many questions. Thanks Lexiconn!"

Heartland Community Church

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the customer service I have received from Lexiconn. I have, on several occasions, used your email support services through my account. I always receive a prompt personal reply - usually within the hour - no matter what the hour or day. Your technical support personnel seem genuinely interested in helping. Twice, Rob M. has enabled or added features in response to my requests.

In my experience, the email response from Lexiconn has been far superior to most other businesses. I greatly appreciate it."

Regards and thanks,
Bobette Kyle

"We have been working with for over 2 years now. They host our Blue Mountain Ostrich Products web site. The LexiConn server is extremely fast and many of our customers visiting our web site comment on that fact. There is very little down time with LexiConn, I have not noticed any interruption of service in the 2 years we have been with them.

LexiConn has one other SUPERIOR service that most servers have forgotten about--CUSTOMER SERVICE! The people at LexiConn are most helpful on things relating to their systems, setups, and so on. If I ever have a question or concern, they are NEVER more than an email away. What is even more remarkable, all emails I send them are answered "same day" or next morning! I know of no other server personnel that pays this close attention to detail in their customer support.

In closing, LexiConn is the place to be if one is looking for "trouble-free" hosting at a reasonable cost for services rendered. It has been a JOY for Blue Mountain Ostrich Products, Inc. to work with"

Daryl Holle, President
Blue Mountain Ostrich Products, Inc.
Blue Mountain Feeds, Meat, Leather, Oil!

"Ok guys, about time I gave you three thumbs up! How long have we hosted our sites with you? Seems like a few years now. I host three or four, maybe more commercial web sites on Lexiconn and the level of service is way up there. We now live in the remote Chiricahua Mountains in south eastern Arizona and sell our products worldwide. Lexiconn is a major part of our business success, allowing us to live and work in GODS COUNTRY.
Continued success to you and our thanks for your service."

Mike Barnacastle & Family
MJ Sales, Inc.
PO Box 166
Pearce, AZ 85625

"We rely on the staff of Lexiconn as a VITAL partner with our web development projects. Over the 5 plus years that we have hosted our sites with them they have always been there and willing to help. They educate us when we need it and take the bull by the horns when matters are out of our scope."

Frank Cugini
Synergy Soup Interactive

In the short time we have been with Lexiconn, the service, performance and assistance has been top-notch. We are very happy with Lexiconn, and hope the arrangement continues indefinitely. Thank you for providing an excellent service."

Rob Faber
Kathy Faber Designs LLC

"Since the year 2000 we have had an online presence. During this time we have tried four other hosting companies. LexiConn was the fifth one. We decided
to give it a try in February 2007. Since then we can state that the service and value we have received is far above that of any of the previous hosting companies. A few examples of why we say this:

1. Ease of getting up and running: They made the task of getting the website up and running extremely easy. This was especially true with their Shopsite offering.
2. Customer support: When a technical question is submitted you'll always receive prompt and informative response.
3. Value: We use one of their dedicated server packages. The package has been very easy to use and inexpensive.
4. Uptime: Each of our previous hosting companies have experienced various downtime. This resulted in lost sales. Not so with LexiConn. If there is any downtime its very rare, short lived and just for maintenance or server upgrade."

Tim Sweeney
Belden Motosport