In-house Support

NO outsourced support

All of our employees work in our local office. We have never outsourced any support since our inception in 1996. Everyone at LexiConn is well-trained and experienced with matters related to hosting, email, ecommerce, ShopSite, WordPress, Magento, and other applications.

No levels to go through

Most of the time, the person that picks up the phone or answers your email can effectively handle your request from start to finish. No need to be handed off to another level of support. No getting lost in the shuffle, or having to start all over and re-explain things. Even an issue that covers sales, support, and billing can often be resolved by one employee.

Pick up where you left off

Every employee at LexiConn sees every email that comes in or goes out. This allows us to be "in the loop" when an issue is on-going, or another person handles an email or phone call that was started with another employee. It makes for a seamless process when it comes to providing you with support.

We're different from most hosts

Many web hosts offer cookie-cutter support, relying on training manuals and rigid procedures to handle support requests. This often results in you feeling like "just a number" when it comes to dealing with your web host

With us, we strive to make our interactions with you personal, and aim to solve your issues quickly and expertly. No reading from scripts, no relying on a manual to look up an issue. Just simple and direct communication to fully answer your questions and resolve your problem.