Why choose ShopSite with LexiConn?

1. ShopSite is PCI compliant and secure

The ShopSite e-commerce software has been certified to be PCI-DSS compliant and has passed the Payment Application Best Practices (PABP) security standards requirements. What does this mean? It means ShopSite is a secure e-commerce application that passes the highest security standards, allowing merchants to be PCI compliant when using this software.

In conjunction with an approved PCI scanning vendor, a LexiConn hosted ShopSite store can achieve full PCI compliance and you can be assured that your sensitive data is secure. Here's how LexiConn helps with PCI compliance.

2. ShopSite creates fast loading static html pages

Since ShopSite creates static html files, this makes the website's pages very SEO friendly, as well as allowing for very fast page load times for visitors. Having thousands of products in your store or many products listed per page will not slow down a customer's experience while browsing the website. The SEO benefits of static html pages translates into higher page rank and better indexing.

Additionally, we use only top end hardware (16 core CPUs, serially attached SCSI 15k rpm drives utilizing hardware RAID-10 mirroring, 48 GB or more of RAM, Gigabit public and private network) and keep our servers "under-utilized" assuring that ample resources are available for all LexiConn hosted accounts. We are dedicated to providing fast loading websites with unmatched reliability and have achieved overall uptime exceeding 99.998% over the last 18+ years.

3. LexiConn knows ShopSite ... Inside and out

Having a host that thoroughly understands and can fully support your e-commerce application is an essential part of running a successful online store. When problems or questions arise, all LexiConn employees (none of which are outsourced or remote) are ShopSite experts, so issues are resolved quickly and accurately. On the rare occasion LexiConn does not have the answer, ShopSite's technical support team is at our disposal to assist so that a solution can be implemented promptly.

4. Abundant features to make your store successful

ShopSite has the most features and options to make your store a success. From gift certificates to coupons, digital downloads to rewards, ShopSite is continually improving and adding the features merchants want and need.

In addition to ShopSite's extensive feature set, LexiConn has developed a number of add-on modules to further enhance a ShopSite store. Available add-on modules include: E-mail marketing, Order Status, custom shipping solution, search suggestion module... all unique to LexiConn's ShopSite hosting environment. These modules integrate seamlessly with the ShopSite software.