What is Ignite Payments

Ignite Payments is a payment solution provider that offers a low cost, highly reliable merchant account. A merchant account is needed to be able to accept credit cards. It is separate from a bank account, and is a necessary feature to enable real-time credit card processing. The merchant account provider is responsible for placing the funds into the merchant's bank account.

How it works

When a customer places an order online, and it is approved by the payment gateway (i.e., Authorize.net), this approval is then sent to the merchant account provider (First Data). The merchant account provider then deposits the transaction funds into the bank account of the merchant.


  • Processing for all major credit cards
  • Settlement of your transactions within 48 hours of the time they are posted


Questions and inquires regarding the merchant account itself are handled directly by First Data.

How to apply

Contact Us for information on how to apply for an Ignite Payments merchant account and Authorize.net payment gateway.

Merchant Account Fees

Discount Rate 2.19%
Per Transaction Fee $0.20*
Monthly Customer Service Fee $6.95
Setup Fee $0.00 (Free)


* $25.00 monthly minimum discount fee and $0.05 AVS fee per transaction applies.

Authorize.net Fees

Setup Fee $149.00
Gateway Access Fee $20.00/mo
Per Transaction Fee $0.10