ShopSite 11 Flying Off The Shelves!

ShopSite ® released version 11 of its flagship ecommerce software two weeks ago. We knew it would be a popular update, as the new version contains a number of highly requested features, and many cool add-ons as well.

It’s been 9 months since a major version of ShopSite was released. But this wasn’t idle time for ShopSite or LexiConn…

PCI Compliance and testing, testing, testing

Version 11 is fully PCI compliant (PA-DSS v1.2). This is not an easy accomplishment, as the software has to go through rigorous review and testing to receive the PA-DSS stamp of approval. It’s a long, drawn-out process, but worth it in the end.

The software also needed to be tested. ShopSite did their own internal testing and benchmarking. We here at LexiConn also assisted with testing the new version, providing feedback, etc…

Then the beta testing, which involves a few live stores upgrading to the new version. These merchants run the software through its paces in a real-world environment, providing feedback and hopefully minor bug reports.

We were excited to help ShopSite get v11 ready for the masses!

We’re off to the races!

Once ShopSite officially announced the new version, we sent out our ShopSite newsletter and put the details on our website. We expected a good number of upgrade requests…

We didn’t expect 108 upgrade requests in the first 24 hours though! It seems that version 11 is one of the most popular releases. We always get a good number of upgrades with each major release, but I don’t think we’ve seen 100+ requests within one day of the release being “live”.

I think version 11 of ShopSite is a “MUST UPGRADE” version for any ecommerce store owner. It’s the only version to be certified PCI compliant at the current time, so if your store handles credit cards, you are required by PCI to be running version 11.

Besides PCI, there are a plethora of great new features and enhancements that make it a  no-brainer upgrade. It’s a seamless upgrade that does not involve any downtime.

And, if you’re hosted with us, you can sleep well knowing all that we do for a ShopSite upgrade to insure you continue getting orders without issue.

What’s been your experience with v11?

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