Magento Caching

Full Page Cache

If you're using Magento Enterprise, full page caching is built into the software. It can be optimized in a managed dedicated server by leveraging Redis for even faster caching.

If you're using the Community (free) edition of Magento, a full page cache is still needed for fast loading pages and reducing resource requirements, especially in higher traffic situations.

Extendware Full Page Cache

We highly recommend the Full Page Cache extension from Extendware. It is the most robust and fastest caching system for Magento Community Edition (CE). It includes:

  • Multi-level cache support - First and second level cache even when logged in or items are in the cart
  • Hole punch support - Easy to exclude sections of pages from being cached
  • Auto flushing - The system auto flushes only the parts of the cache affected when a product or page is updated
  • Highly configurable - multiple backend options for caching (file, APC, Redis), mobile detection, many additional features
  • Great support from the vendor when issues arise

We can help install and optimally configure this extension. We also offer a 10% discount on the extension which can be purchased through us.

Lesti Full Page Cache (free)

If your budget does not support purchasing the Extendware Full Page Cache system, Lesti is a solid free caching system. It is not as robust as Extendware (it does not support auto flushing, auto tagging, or as many features), but it provides a stable caching system for Magento.

We can help install and configure the Lesti cache extension in your store.

Magento's Built-in Cache

Having Magento's built-in caching system optimally configured is important to its proper operation. From proper permissions to loading the cache into Redis for faster access, we can help you configure your store for the best performance.

PHP and MySQL Caching

With PHP, integrating APC opcode caching can help boost performance of your Magento store. Beyond just turning on APC, tuning it for maximum efficiency, and monitoring APC for free space and low fragmentation is essential to keeping things running smoothly. We make sure APC is running optimally at all times.

For MySQL, not only does query caching need to be turned on, but it needs to be set up and adjusted uniquely for each store. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to tuning MySQL parameters. We'll make sure MySQL is optimized for your stores' needs.