ShopSite 11 – What You Need to Know

The latest version of ShopSite ®, our favorite ecommerce software application, has been released. Version 11 brings a number of new features to the table. We’re very excited about many of them, and we think ShopSite merchants will be as well.

I thought I’d highlight a few of the big changes and some that might fly under the radar…

Revamped sales reports

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Now merchants can dig into their sales stats right from the backoffice! Reports now include both graphs and tables. You can look at sales dollars, volume, top sellers, top customers, most used coupons, and tons of other data.

You can sort it by week, month, year, or any custom date range.

A highly requested feature that is now available.

Bonus Tip: Sick of fraud and canceled orders cluttering up and distorting your sales stats? In v11, you can now specify that sales data from any order be deleted when you delete an order from the backoffice. This allows you to selectively remove orders from your sales reports for even more accurate sales data!

New admin login system

Another frequently requested feature that has been added. Now merchants can create users with different privilege levels in the backoffice.

NOTE: If you use third-party applications like Ordoro, Stone Edge, GoDataFeed, etc… that access data from your ShopSite backoffice, do not enable this new login system until you have verified these applications can connect using the new method.

More Facebook integration

You can allow your customers to use their Facebook account to register in your store. It’s a trend that many of the top ecommerce sites are allowing, and now you can offer it too!

ShopSite also makes it easy to set up a Facebook Store on your Facebook page. Just make sure you use the Facebook templates in ShopSite for these pages and select products so it fits within the FB framework.

Math in IF tags in templates

This one might go un-noticed and if you’re not a custom template kinda person, you might not care.

But for anyone that has tried to count in a loop, check if one value is greater than another, and take the appropriate action, this one is huge!

Now your IF checks can use math such as less than, greater than, and not equal to comparisons. It opens up the templates to many more scenarios.

Page and Product defaults

Preferences -> Page/Product Defaults

We get asked about this feature all the time. ShopSite 11 allows you to set default settings for new pages and products which should speed up product and page creation. It will also help with mistakes related to choosing the wrong values.

Exclude Products from a coupon

Tired of having to add products to a coupon when new products are added to your store? Need a coupon that excludes a handful of products? Wish it were easier to manage this scenario?

Your wish is granted! Now you can set up a coupon where you choose which products are excluded. All other products will be allowed by default.  :)

Advanced ordering options improvements

Previously, if you accidentally added a combination using Advanced ordering options for a product, you were stuck with it (unless you wanted to re-do all the options). Now you can delete combinations in the backoffice.

Additionally, advanced ordering options are now included in product searches.

If you’re a hosting client of ours, you can read more about version 11 and request your store be upgraded on our ShopSite 11 Page.

If you’d like to learn more about ShopSite, and how it can help your online store, check out our ShopSite category on our blog, or the ShopSite section of our website.

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