The Importance of Proper Backups

A hosting account without proper and reliable backups is a risky proposition. Find out why we place such an importance on backups for our clients...

Local backups for file recovery

Nightly backups are made of every file on every server over a private network to a centralized backup system utilizing RAID-10 with 8 hard drives. Five days worth of backups are retained. We can restore any file for a client upon request from any night going back five days.

All MySQL databases are backed up via file backups and SQL dump files for InnoDB databases. These can be sued to perform a restore of an entire database or specific tables.

Enterprise Continuous Data Protection (CDP) System

Every eight hours (daily for managed dedicated servers) a backup is performed via our private network to our Enterprise CDP servers. In the event of server wide data corruption or loss of a RAID array, we can "bare metal" restore any server in just a few short hours in most cases.

Offsite Disaster Recovery

A daily backup is performed via a secure network and that backup is securely stored in a geographically diverse datacenter. This backup can be used in a disaster recovery situation. (This does not apply to dedicated, managed servers. Offsite backups of a dedicated server can be added as an additional service.)


We have more information about backups in our White Papers section of our website.