How to use a PHP profiler to audit a slow Adobe Commerce site

Tweet Introduction Time to first byte (TTFB) is how long it takes a server to generate HTML of a requested page. 1-2 seconds is an acceptable TTFB of an uncached page. Anything above it could be a sign of a performance issue. In this guide I’ll show you how to use a PHP profiler to […]

Masterclass – Ultimate 3 step process on how to achieve a page speed score of 100/100

Tweet According to Google, around 32% of visitors abandon a page that takes more than three seconds to load. That alone is a huge blow to your potential conversions. We are organizing an exclusive invite-only masterclass on the “Ultimate 3-Step Process on How to Achieve a Page Speed Score of 100/100” in partnership with Growisto, […]

7 Steps We Implemented to Reach Google Page Speed Score of 100 for a client

Tweet When it comes to page load speed, every second counts. In fact, Google research shows that when loading times increase from one to three seconds, the probability of a bounce (the visitor leaving right away) increases by 32 percent. Hence, it is important to optimize your site speed in order to enhance customer experience […]

Make Magento 2 More Secure with a Simple Tweak

Tweet Magento 2 sites make their platform version public. You can visit ‘’ and get a message like this: Magento/2.4 (Community) You can go to your site, append /magento_version and wonder why Magento developers team made it public. I consider it a security risk and here is how to fix it. All you need to […]

Magento Admin Panel slow? Disable This Setting

Tweet If you have been seeing very slow pages in your admin panel lately for Magento 2 store owners, or random spinning icons while waiting for pages to load in the admin, it may be related to a change Adobe made to some of their JavaScript files. Specifically, if you have the feature on for […]

Magento 2 Zero Day RCE Vulnerability – All Stores Patched

Tweet Adobe / Magento released an emergency patch on Sunday February 13th for all Magento 2.3.3-p1 and higher stores. The Security Bulletin (APSB22-12) describes a remote code execution (rce) vulnerability for Magento 2 stores (both Commerce and Open Source). An RCE allows a hacker to run code or upload a file on a store without […]

Magento 2 Commerce Gift Card Fix for Faster Use

Tweet If you are using Magento 2 Commerce / Adobe Commerce and make use of the Gift Card feature, there is a simple fix that can speed up the use of gift cards in the cart (both checking the balance and applying them). The database for gift cards, specifically the table magento_giftcardaccount, is missing a […]

Apache log4j Vulnerability – All Servers Secure

Tweet The latest zero-day Apache log4j vulnerability has surprised the online community with how pervasive this issue is in many systems and software packages. It allows hackers to run commands on any server that is running this vulnerable software. Here at LexiConn, we have patched all vulnerable applications like SOLR and Tomcat, or have verified […]

Automated security check against injected malicious JavaScript

Tweet E-commerce sites can suffer from hackers injecting pieces of JavaScript to sniff credit card or other sensitive data. It’s usually a checkout page with payment forms where JS code could be placed. There is a simple yet effective way to catch it. You store the original checkout page HTML and then regularly compare your […]

How We Helped a Magento Store Scale to New Heights

Tweet During the COVID-19 Pandemic in late March, one of our Magento 2 Commerce clients had some massive traffic and sales. In partnership with Creatuity, the development agency for the client, we worked to scale up their site to handle this surge in visitors… This blog post will look at the steps we took on […]