Premium Managed DNS

Take advantage of a faster DNS system, using Anycast, and improve your site's load times.

How does it work?

Built on Google's network, the premium DNS service makes use of Anycast. This means when a new visitor comes to your site, the initial DNS lookup (for the IP) will be returned MUCH faster than traditional DNS lookups. Anycast routes the request to the closest/fastest lookup point, so DNS results are returned 5 to 10 times faster than normal DNS lookups.

Additionally, the DNS system is quite robust, eliminating the potential for a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack on the nameservers themselves.

Is it easy to implement?

It's as simple as updating the nameservers for your domain to our premium DNS nameservers. You just need your login for the registry where your domain is registered.

LexiConn will fully manage the DNS zone file, and any changes, so there is nothing for you to do or manage. Just faster DNS responses for your website.

Pricing is $20/month for the premium managed DNS service (Includes up to 10 million DNS queries per month. Additional queries billed at $1 per million over 10 million).

This service is only offered to hosting clients of LexiConn. If you are a hosting client of LexiConn and would like to signup for this service, please click the button below:

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