PCI Compliant Hosting

Here at LexiConn we understand PCI. We help many of our ecommerce / ShopSite clients every day pass PCI scans and set up their websites to be PCI compliant.

How do we help?

  • We work with every major PCI scanning company (McAfee, TrustWave, Security Metrics, Control Scan) and understand their requirements.
  • We can log into your PCI account and submit disputes, false positives (with accompanying documentation), or ask for clarification.
  • Everyone here at LexiConn knows all the common PCI issues from a scan, and we can quickly correct any problems and identify false hits.
  • We can provide guidance and suggestions for more complex PCI issues as they relate to custom code or custom applications.

With PCI being a requirement that can not be ignored, it's important that your web host not only understands PCI regulations, but has the ability to quickly and correctly take action to keep your account in compliance.

Here are a few posts from our blog that highlight our PCI experience...

Need to be PCI compliant? Say Goodbye to FTP - Plain text FTP is now a "no-no" in order to be PCI compliant.

Taming the PCI beast - 7 steps for easier compliance - Some simple ways to manage the PCI monster.

Why do PCI scanning companies makes things so difficult? - Some thoughts we have on improving the process.

If your current web host isn't providing you with PCI solutions and a compliant environment, talk to us. We can help you achieve and maintain PCI compliance without too much pain and time wasted.

Whether you run ShopSite as your ecommerce application, or another PHP based cart solution, we can work with you and your scanning company to make sure you pass those quarterly scans and keep your customers' data safe and secure.

If you do not have a PCI scanning company, we're partnered with McAfee PCI. McAfee can provide quarterly scans, the annual PCI questionnaire, and proof of compliance. Everything that's needed to show PCI compliance.