Easily Transfer your ShopSite store to LexiConn

We make moving your ShopSite store over to us a breeze. We've helped hundreds of ShopSite merchants seamlessly make the switch and discover just how fast and powerful their online store can be.

LexiConn will:

  • Move over all Shopsite databases such as products, pages, and orders if we are provided with your Shopsite backoffice access information and FTP information.
  • Move over all webpages, images, and files from your existing site.
  • Setup the Shopsite store similar to your current store by transferring over special settings such as templates, headers, etc...
  • Regenerate / republish all Shopsite generated pages in the new account.

All of the above can be done at no extra charge provided LexiConn has full access to the backoffice and FTP access to all Shopsite files. We have a seamless process to move over your complete website with NO downtime.

When we setup Shopsite, it will be setup to the IP Number of your new account so that you may work with it right away. Once you are satisfied that things are working correctly on the new account with LexiConn, we can submit a nameserver update request to move your website from its current location to LexiConn's system. There will be NO downtime for your site during this transitional period.

Once your website has updated and is resolving to your new account with LexiConn, we can then switch the Shopsite store back over to the domain name instead of the IP number. This switch will not cause any downtime in your store. We can even perform a mass replace on all links on your site that might be using the IP number and switch them to use the domain name.

If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to call 1-800-817-6881 to discuss your concerns or questions.