Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Does a faster website result in more sales? Read our blog post to see the impact speed has on customers:

Faster page load speeds translate into more sales

One powerful way to drastically speed up your site is to leverage a Content Delivery Network, known as a CDN. Put simply, it allows your images (photos) to be distributed across the globe (16 nodes in the US, 5 in Asia, 9 in Europe, and 2 in Australia) so that visitors load them from the nearest location. This means your web pages load faster.

Whether your customers are mostly based in the United States, or you have a heavy international presence (even more benefits to using a CDN for overseas visitors), a CDN will greatly improve the speed of your site.

We offer a global CDN service that can seamlessly integrate with your ShopSite / ecommerce store. It's simple to set up. We'll help you integrate it in just 3 easy steps:

1. Adjust ShopSite to call all non-secure images from the CDN
2. Modify your website to cache images for faster rendering
3. Implement gzip compression for faster text, JavaScript, and CSS loading

There is nothing to upload, no changes to make to your images. You continue uploading images as you have always done. The "magic" is simply a new URL (e.g. that is used to call images from the CDN instead of directly from your website. The CDN will manage downloading and distributing your images across the globe.

Pricing is $20/month for up to 50 GB of data transfer (additional data transfer is $0.50 per GB).

This service is only offered to hosting clients of LexiConn. If you are a hosting client of LexiConn and would like to signup for this service, please click the button below:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How does it work?
The CDN will pull files from your website when they are first requested by a visitor. It then distributes your files across the globe to every node. The files are stored for up to 24 hours if there are no more "hits" to these files.

To reference the CDN, instead of calling an image from your main website like, you will use a sub-domain such as If you use ShopSite, we'll adjust ShopSite to call all images using the CDN sub-domain.

2. Which Network is being used?
The CDN is on the StackPath network. StackPath is an industry leader and uses Global Load Balancing technology for faster speeds.

3. How many nodes are there?
The CDN utilizes 32 nodes globally. 16 nodes in the Americas, 5 are in Asia, 9 in Europe, and 2 in Australia.