Seamlessly transfer your Magento store
with NO downtime

Not getting the speed you'd like out of your current Magento store? Is your host not supporting your Magento store with the proper hosting environment? We can help make your transition to LexiConn seamless, with no downtime, and no re-work in your Magento store (either Community or Enterprise).

We will:

  • With SSH and/or FTP access to your existing hosting account, transfer over all your web files, including Magento files (code, images, settings, templates, etc...)
  • With SSH and/or MySQL access to your existing hosting account, perform an SQL database dump of your Magento database.
  • Re-configure Magento in your new account with us to work optimally in our hosting environment. We will replace old paths and URLs as needed.
  • Apply all available security and optimization patches to your store's current version.
  • Optimize MySQL, Apache, and Magento make full use of Redis and Zend OpCode Cache for faster speeds.

All of the above is done at no additional charge. The process is quite seamless, and results in NO downtime.

We can set up Magento to a temporary domain name or IP address so you can fully test things before going live. Once you have email set up, and are ready to make your store live with us, we can perform a final database dump / sync (as well as any updated image files), and then the nameservers can be updated to our nameservers. During the propagation time, most visitors will start coming to the new site within minutes of the DNS change.

We've helped many Magento store owners make the switch and experience much faster page loads, a fully managed environment where they don't have to worry, and our personalized in-house support. Don't hesitate to email or give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about migrating your Magento store.