Server Policies

What's Included

Customized installation of an Enterprise Linux operating system (centOS 6, 64-bit OS)), all applicable security and OS patches, Apache webserver, PHP, MySQL, site statistics, 24/7 monitoring, web based control panel, firewall configuration, continuous security monitoring and upgrades as required. Plus the added security of having your server on a redundant, reliable network.

Security and Monitoring

LexiConn will install a customized firewall solution to protect your server from unwanted visitors. In addition, a daily audit of all security warnings and system messages is conducted to insure there are no known or potential problems. Your Managed server is monitored 24/7, and LexiConn's in house detection and warning system will alert technicians to any change in your server's status.

Services Included

LexiConn will install and upgrade any standard software program at no additional charge. A standard program is defined as any application that comes installed on the Managed server upon setup, or any software package that LexiConn is familiar with. Custom software packages will be evaluated on a case by case basis for costs involved.


As a Managed Server client, you will have personalized support for the running and performance of your website. LexiConn will provide support for all installed software programs, and can assist in the technical aspects of getting your site and email setup properly. Custom programming or in-depth troubleshooting may incur additional charges.

How soon can it be set up?

Once an order is placed, we can normally have the server tested, built, and configured within three business days.

Do I get root access?

Root access is available by request only. We normally do not give out root access, as this makes it hard for our support staff to manage all aspects of the server. It can be granted for specific installs that are required, but LexiConn must have root access at all times to maintain system security and monitoring. We usually can install any application you require at no additional charge.