Automated Malware Detection and Removal

stop the hacker

LexiConn has partnered with StopTheHacker to provide malware scanning, detection, and optional automated removal of malware and malicious code in your web pages.

Malware injection in websites is a big problem, with an estimated 25,000 or more websites being infected each day. If your site is infected, it can mean being blacklisted by Google, Bing, and any customer using an anti-virus program. This can result in lost revenue, and lots of time and energy devoted to finding the infected code, removing it, and then getting de-listed.

Features include:

  • Scanning of all pages either weekly, daily or hourly
  • Blacklist and reputation monitoring
  • Malware, phishing, php shell, .htaccess redirection detection
  • Optional automated removal of malware from web pages

Pricing starts at only $10/month.

Read our blog post about Just How Big Malware Has Become .


Basic Pro Bus Bus+
Monthly Cost $10.00 $20.00 $50.00 $100.00
Yearly Cost $96.00 $192.00 $480.00 $960.00
Scan Frequency Week Day Hour Cont.
Reputation Monitoring
Blacklist Monitoring
Scan for Known Malware
Scan for Known Viruses
All Pages Scanned
Scan for Unknown Malware  
Use AI Engine  
Automated Malware Removal  
Scan Facebook Wall  
Phishing Page Detection  
PHP Shell Detection  
Webpage Defacement Detection  
.htaccess Hack Detection  
Application Vulnerability Assessment    
Server Vulnerability Assessment    
Trust Seal  

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