I received this t-shirt as a Christmas present (as I’m a big Muppets / Kermit fan). I liked the gift (and wore it to work last week), but it got me thinking…

This would make a great business goal for 2011:


And just like that we have our focus for this year.

Awesome is NOT Ordinary

If something is awesome, it’s not run of the mill. It conveys a sense of being above the fray, of standing out from the crowd.

Being awesome does not mean being the average Joe. Or just another hosting company. or similar looking e-commerce store. It means making people take notice of what you do, or what you offer.

Awesome means … well … awesome!

What Awesome means to us

Instead of “boring” goals such as increase revenue by X percent, launch two new products, or decrease time for correct resolution on support requests by Y minutes, I thought starting with  “Be Awesome” would be something to get our attention.

How does LexiConn continue to be awesome in 2011? A few key areas that will drive the rest of the boring metrics…

  • 1. Personalized, accurate customer service – Our goal is to be awesome when it comes to support. From fast accurate responses to going above and beyond, making this the cornerstone of our business is what sets us apart. We can always improve, and this is the #1 priority for 2011.
  • 2. Finger on the pulse by everyone – I’ll expound on this more in a future post. The short description is everyone here at LexiConn must read every email that comes in and every email that goes out to our clients. This insures that we all are up to speed on issues, problems, and solutions so that we’re not wasting time starting from square one on a phone call or answering an email.
  • 3. Blazing Speed and Rock-Solid Reliability – Speed is important. Google loves fast sitesCustomers love fast sites. We want customers that transfer to us from another host to be blown away with how fast their site is. Like a recent speed challenge submitter who found that their pages would be 600% faster if they hosted with us.

What Awesome means to you

For your business, maybe it’s fast shipping on all orders. Or after the sale support that is off the charts. Offering a product that blows away the competition. Possibly awesome marketing that makes people think of you when they think of product XYZ.

Whatever IT is, strive to make 2011 the year where “being awesome” is your mantra.

How would you define “awesome” for your business in 2011?

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  1. Brent says:

    Great Post! “Be Awesome” is a great business goal for 2011! I think I will borrow the idea.

  2. Chris says:

    I have to agree that you guys already ARE awesome. I work with you on behalf of a few clients and employers and all agree that your service really is second to NONE.

    ~Barefoot Chris

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