Take The Web Hosting Speed Challenge

In our last blog post, we discussed how your web site’s speed is very important when it comes to making more sales. We also demonstrated how our average hosting account is TWO to THREE times FASTER than other hosts offering ecommerce services.

It got me thinking:

What can we do to prove that our hosting is better and FASTER than other hosts? These other hosts that pay lip service to the advertising and marketing statements on their web pages…

Why, a challenge of course!

That’s right – A Web Host Speed Challenge.

What could be better to demonstrate and prove that YOUR website would be faster when it’s hosted with LexiConn. So here it is, our speed challenge to show you how your website would perform if it were hosted with us.

Taking the challenge is easy

All you have to do to take the challenge is either:

  • (private) Fill out this short request form and provide your domain name, email address where we can send the results, and any comments you might have.


  • (public) Leave a comment on this post with your domain name if you want us to respond publicly on the blog.

What we’ll test

We’ll choose one web page from your site, reproduce that page on one of our servers (html, images, css, and javascript), and run both a remote alertra.com test and a Firebug Firefox plugin test against your live web page and the page we duplicate on our end. We’ll provide the results to you via email (and post those results on the blog if you left a comment on this post).

Note: We cannot test your speed for any dynamic pages (i.e PHP and/or MySQL), so if your site is all dynamic, we’ll need a static html page to test against for an apples to apples comparison. However, if your site is dynamic and is slow at your current host, hosting it with us will likely result in even faster speeds. Why? Because we under-load our servers and use top end hardware to maximize performance.

The results

Although we’re confident in our ability to deliver a consistently fast and reliable hosting service to our clients (combined with personal in-house support), the results will be “the actions that speak louder than words“. It may turn out that your site is faster where you are hosted now, or you may find that our service can really make a difference for your website.

I know it’s not the most scientific testing system in the world, but we’re willing to take the time to show our potential clients what they would be getting if they chose to host with us.

So what are you waiting for? Take the Web Hosting Speed Challenge today! Fill out the request form or leave a comment below.

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