Top LexiConn Tweets – Dec. 6 – Dec. 27

Top Tweets

We’ll highlight a few Twitter posts and links that we found valuable over the past 3 weeks…

RT @Roxyyo: 8 Tips for Account Registration #ecommerce (me: great advice for stores offering customer registration)

RT @TRUSTesmallBiz: Five Tips for Promoting Your SMB with Twitter and Facebook

Simple advice for leveraging social media.

RT @ecommerce: Principles Of Effective Search In E-Commerce Design #ecommerce #seo

Great look at various search methods and features from Smashing Magazine.

RT @Econsultancy: Top five mistakes all email marketers made in 2009. Yes, you too! (me: solid tips for email mktng)

A must read for anyone sending email newsletters.

RT @JBGuru Social Media Snake Oil? Yes? No? – Blog post from @minethatdata: (me: great analysis of value of soc. media)

Love this blog post. A numbers approach to Twitter.

RT @doba: 10 Commandments of Quality Shopping Cart and Its Checkout |  #ecommerce (me: good list!)

Top 10 list for online merchants to follow.

RT @TheGrok: RT @mashable 7 Steps to Add Value with Customer Ratings & Reviews by @samdecker #ecommerce

All about customer reviews.

Just a sampling of some of the tweets we’ve re-tweeted that we felt stood out. Enjoy!

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