Do Cookies and Treats Define a Good Company? We Think So!

cookiesIf you could measure how well a company is doing by the number of gifts and holiday treats it receives, then LexiConn would be more popular than Apple and Amazon! But this short post is not about us. It’s about our clients, and a way for everyone at LexiConn to say thank you for all the kind gifts, personal cards, and tasty treats we’ve received.

It’s certainly never expected or asked for, but we always appreciate the various special packages that arrive in our office during the holidays (and throughout the year). It lets us know that our efforts and hard work are appreciated. These surprise gifts can brighten any work day (but may cause the treadmills to work overtime).

So, to our valued clients, everyone here thanks you for your kindness, wishes you and yours a safe holiday season, and a great 2010!


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  1. Steve G says:

    Maybe we can work out a cheesecake for hosting deal??

    You guys are great and thanks for all the help this year.. Wait till you see the list of things for next year though, you might not be quite so thrilled..

  2. Dave S says:

    And to all of you… THANK YOU for all you have done and no doubt, will continue to do! It is most appreciated!

    Lifetime hosting? Keep in mind, gym memberships are not included. :)

    A very healthy, prosperous, and safe 2010!

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