Top LexiConn Tweets – Oct. 4 – 17

Top Tweets

Here are our favorite twitter “tweets” from the past two weeks…

RT @jbillingsley: User Testing Toolbox #ecommerce (three great resources for testing changes)

Some handy tools for A/B testing and research about your website.

RT @TRUSTesmallBiz: RT @Alltop_SEO: 9 Tasty Tips For Ecommerce SEOs

A top list of ideas for SEO as it relates to ecommerce websites. Quite in-depth.

15 Common Mistakes in E-Commerce Design and How to Avoid Them (via @smashingmag) – #ecommerce

Very informative post detailing the top problems for ecommerce stores, along with suggestions and examples to fix them.

RT @jbillingsley: RT @PipitPurch: Don’t block the product with window signs via @kevinertell #ecommerce (great advice)

A unique look at the home page dilemma many ecommerce sites face.

RT @jimconnolly Top 10 marketing Tips:

Solid marketing tips from one of the experts

RT @ducttape: RT @leeodden: RT @tracytho View Bing and Google search results side-by-side

A neat tool to see bing and google search results together on one page.

RT @jimconnolly: Cheap hosting can be costly! (great advice)

One of my personal favorites. Great simple advice with regards to hosting.

Reading “Preparing for the Holiday Rush” – Useful tips for ecommerce merchants – #ecommerce

Solid tips for being ready for the busy holiday shopping season.

RT @TRUSTesmallBiz: SMALL-BUSINESS GUIDE – Real-Life Lessons in Using Google AdWords #google

Good look at Google AdWords,  complimented by merchants’ experiences.

Enjoy the Twitter round-up.  :)

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