Limiting the Maximum Quantity of Products in ShopSite

Tweet This is an update to an earlier tutorial we posted here, with a script to prevent customers from purchasing more than a specified quantity of a product. This update can handle multiple products, and it allows you to set different maximum quantities for each. If a customer exceeds the quantity of a restricted product […]

Redis and Magento – More than Meets the Eye

Tweet Next up in our We Host Magento Better! series is a look at how we leverage Redis to make Magento faster and scale better with size. There’s more to it than just turning it on and letting it run… What is Redis? The Redis website defines it as: Redis is an open source (BSD […]

ShopSite Tip – Configuring GoDatafeed

Tweet GoDataFeed is a merchant feed service that easily integrates with ShopSite and allows you to seamlessly list your products on shopping sites such as Amazon, Google Shopping, Nextag, and 200+ other services.  It only take a few minutes to configure the settings which we’ll review in the screenshots below. ShopSite Settings In your GoDataFeed […]

PHP OpCode Caching and Magento

Tweet First up in our series We Host Magento Better! is a look at how we use PHP OpCode caching to improve the performance of the Magento stores that we host… What is OpCode Caching? PHP’s OpCode caching is defined as “Storing precompiled script bytecode in shared memory, thereby removing the need for PHP to […]

New Blog Series – We Host Magento Better

Tweet Over the next few months, you may see a number of smaller blog posts in a new series we’ve titled “We Host Magento Better”. These posts will highlight some of things we do here at LexiConn that set us apart from other web hosts when it comes to supporting and helping merchants get the […]

5 Ways to Optimize Magento 2 Performance

Tweet Magento 2 comes as the new era of eCommerce. The updated backend, the latest code patterns and software libraries – these are just some of the improvements introduced in version 2 of the popular platform. The question I hear often: is it faster than Magento 1? The answer might not be so obvious. Even […]

8 Easy SEO Tactics that Drive eCommerce Traffic

Tweet SEO can seem complicated. What’s recommended one day quickly changes the next. And with so many ranking signals, it’s hard to know where to focus your efforts. For short-term “quick win” boosts in traffic to your eCommerce store from Google, use these 8 tips. Submit Your Site to Google While technically Google should eventually […]

Why Did My Sales Drop?

Tweet We are asked this quite often, and it’s a tough one to answer, but with any online store there will always be a few things you can research to see why your sales may have dropped.  Even if your sales have not dropped, there are steps you can take to make your research easier […]

What goes into a Magento Security Patch at LexiConn – SUPEE-9767

Tweet As part of our hosting service for our Magento clients, we provide pro-active security patching when Magento releases a security patch. It is not something that many hosting providers offer. There’s a reason for this… It’s not as easy as it sounds. Here’s a small peek behind the curtain of what goes into this […]

What We’ve Been Up To Lately

Tweet If it seems “quiet” here on the blog, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy… Just the opposite. Behind the scenes we’ve been working on a number of things… From infrastructure improvements, to making sure all servers will support TLS 1.2, there has been a lot of activity going on at LexiConn these past […]