Tips for Keeping ShopSite Safe and Secure

Tweet In our previous blog post on Keeping Your Ecommerce Store Secure, we looked at a number of things you should do with any online store to minimize the chances of the store being compromised by hackers. In this post, we’ll look at some specific actions you can take if you are running a ShopSite […]

Our Experience With Hosting Magento 2 Stores

Tweet We’ve been working with Magento 2 since it was in its early beta stages last year. We have helped the project along by submitting code fixes (pull requests via github), opening issues with detailed steps to reproduce, and helping to improve the documentation. With each release, we’ve tested the install process, documented issues, and […]

Keep Your Ecommerce Store Secure

Tweet Keeping your ecommerce store secure from hackers is something every store owner must address on a continual basis. It’s not a “one and done” type of approach. As a web host, we see a lot of compromised accounts and stores. They affect all types of ecommerce solutions such as ShopSite, Magento, and WooCommerce. We’ll […]

Your Website Should Be All SSL, All the Time

Tweet We recently updated our website to use SSL (i.e. the green secure padlock) on all pages. It took a bit of work, but is worth it for many reasons I’ll explain below. It is something you should seriously consider for your website as well. Google likes secure websites Back in August of 2014, Google […]

An Updated robots.txt File for Magento 2 Stores

Tweet  The stock robots.txt file that worked well for Magento 1.x stores does not work perfectly for Magento 2.x stores. A store’s robots.txt file is used by search engines like Google and Bing to tell them what to index and, more importantly, what not to index, in your website. For a complex ecommerce store like […]

Don’t Mistake Silence For Inactivity

Tweet Although we haven’t posted to the blog in a bit, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy behind the scenes. Quite the opposite! Here are a few things we’ve been busy working on lately…   Upcoming TLS 1.0 End of Life Preps (PCI related) I’m actually quite shocked this isn’t a much bigger issue […]

PCI, TLS 1.2, and the Upcoming Deadlines for Ecommerce Stores

Tweet As we discussed in a previous PCI blog post, the PCI council has pushed back the date for ending support for TLS 1.0 to June 30, 2018. However, many ecommerce related services are still going forward with removing support for TLS 1.0 this year. What does this mean for ecommerce merchants? Confusion abounds We’ve […]

Please, Please Patch Your Magento Store

Tweet Here at LexiConn, we help migrate a number of Magento stores over to us from other hosting providers. We’ve noticed an alarming trend that many of these stores are not fully updated with the latest security patches released by Magento. More alarmingly is that a good portion of these stores often have hacked files, […]

What’s in a name – Naming conventions for file names, products, and more

Tweet Whats in a name? For Mr. Shakespeare and his cast of players perhaps nothing but when it comes to computers, the make up of a name can have great meaning and power. It’s important to note that how you name a file, product, SKU, etc. can become an issue especially if you become too […]

Magento 2 – Import Configurable Products

Tweet The built-in import feature in Magento can often be frustrating due to its complexity and less than forgiving nature. In Magento 1, many extensions were created to aid in importing products quickly and easily. With the recent release of Magento 2, there are not many extensions to help with importing products. Documentation is also […]