Removing the Complexity Out of Magento Hosting

Magento 2 hosting these days is complex. There are lots of moving parts, and things can go wrong that are unexpected. How fast your web host can not only react, but fix the issue or pinpoint the problem is crucial to your store’s success.

Magento Cloud can be overkill

Magento 2 “Commerce” (previously Magento Enterprise) can be hosted in Adobe’s Magento cloud solution. Although it may seem like the way to go, realize that this solution is a very complex configuration, often with many hidden pitfalls. The needs of a store like Nike hosted in their cloud may not align with what you need to get out of your Magento store.

Magento Cloud support can be hit or miss. We’ve heard (and seen) horror stories of simple issues taking days to get resolved. We’ve seen where their complex deploy rules can hamper fixing something quickly. They have strict rules in terms of add-ons they can host such as not allowing WordPress or another Java application you may need.

Simplifying Magento 2

Here at LexiConn, we’ve been working hard to make Magento 2 hosting more simple and reliable. You may not have seen us at all of the conferences, or heard our company mentioned as often as some of the very large hosts, but we’ve been hard at work creating a stable, fast Magento environment for all of our clients.

From simplified support for deployments, to a hosting environment that is set up properly for fast loading M2 sites, we can implement a solution to best suit your needs.  We help major brands with multi-server (and cloud) clusters, as well as small shops that run their store off of a single VPS, get the most out of Magento 2, while removing the headache from the hosting side of the equation.

We understand Magento. We understand ecommerce. We help our merchants focus on growing their business.

When things go wrong

It’s not if things go wrong, but when… That is when a hosting company proves its worth (or fails to). Here at LexiConn we’re proactive in getting a store fixed quickly.

Our continuous monitoring of your Magento site being up and running, free of Magento errors (maintenance page, exception report, 500 code being returned, etc…), and loading quickly, allows us to take swift action when we detect something is wrong. Does your host do that?

We do this often before a merchant notices there is an issue with their store.

We know what it means to:

  • Reindex a specific index or all indexes
  • Verify deployment modes are set properly, and caching enabled
  • Flat file catalog vs. Elasticsearch and what it means
  • Varnish flush vs. Magento cache flush, and when each may be needed
  • When a DI Compile is needed, and when static content must be re-deployed
  • Clearing out built up crons
  • Cleaning up a malware hack that attempts to skim credit cards, or compromise admin logins

We have experience with many of the “quirks” in M2, and can quickly solve the issue or put a workaround in place. Our hands-on personalized approach to M2 hosting is something our clients love about LexiConn.

If you’re looking for a new way of hosting your M2 store (large or small), give us a call, or drop us an email. From virtual private servers, to complex multi-server clusters and cloud based solutions, we have a simplified plan to meet your needs.

We can help you sleep well at night knowing LexiConn is “minding the store”.

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