Are All of Your Web Pages Free of Security Errors?

With the push by Google (both SEO in search results and the Chrome web browser) and the Firefox web browser to make the entire web secure (using SSL on all pages), website owners have been scrambling to make sure they use an SSL certificate, and that all of their web pages are fully secure without any security errors or warnings.

If a page has a security issue (e.g. calling an image insecurely, or a JavaScript or CSS file insecurely), both Firefox and Chrome will mark the page as “insecure”. This may alarm a visitor who is used to seeing all pages as “secure”.


Chrome Insecure Notice




Firefox insecure notice

Firefox insecure notice




If your web pages aren’t using SSL, Google may rank them lower than a similar website that does use SSL security on all of its pages. Put all of this together and you can see the importance of making sure all of your pages are secure…

How do you verify all of them?

Unless you plan on clicking on every page in your site, making sure the padlock appears, and checking the console output of developer tools (press f12 to see this), you may want to automate this process for a more thorough check. Fortunately, we have a website service,, that can help make this a much simpler task. allows you to enter a URL and it will examine the page and let you know of any errors or warnings as they relate to SSL. We have recently added a bulk scanning service that allows you to either paste a list of URLs, or submit an XML sitemap URL that can be used to scan all of your pages. The cost is as low as 4 cents a page, and is an inexpensive way to make sure every page in your site is fully secure.

bulk scan options

bulk scan options










Once the scan completes, it provides you with a report of any pages it found that had SSL errors, along with details as to what those errors were. It’s a great way to get a full accounting of how well your site is doing with respect to it being 100% secure.

As a special offer, we are providing every new signup with 10 free credits so they can try out the new scanning service and see the value it brings to webmasters wanting to make sure they are fully compliant with every page being secure.

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