ShopSite Tip – Configuring GoDatafeed

GoDataFeed is a merchant feed service that easily integrates with ShopSite and allows you to seamlessly list your products on shopping sites such as Amazon, Google Shopping, Nextag, and 200+ other services.  It only take a few minutes to configure the settings which we’ll review in the screenshots below.

ShopSite Settings

In your GoDataFeed account click Imports under the Manage tab.  Select ShopSite as the Import Source and you should see a screen like the one below:

GoDataFeed - ShopSite Settings

GoDataFeed – ShopSite Settings


The Values

CGI Path: This is your XML Orders Download URL with some extra values on the end.  To get the URL start by logging into your ShopSite backoffice, then click on Preferences > Hosting Service and copy the “XML Orders Download URL” value. For example:

On that same screen, find the Version field, which will look like:  12 sp3 r4

The first two parts make up the version we need in the URL.  If you see “12 sp3″ then your version is “12.3”. Use the same method to determine your version.  For example 11 SP2 would be “11.2”, or 12 SP1 wold be “12.1”.  For our sample, our version is: 12.3

Using those values, build the path that GoDataFeed needs using the following template:

“XML Orders Download URL”?clientApp=1&dbname=products&version=”Version”

Therefore, our CGI Path is:

You can see how we put the XML Orders Download URL in the beginning, and our 12.3 version number at the end.  Do the same for your values and enter them into the CGI Path field.

Base URL: This is your website URL, which in our sample is:

Before we continue, we need to determine which login method your store uses. If you use the newer User Accounts feature of ShopSite, where each user has their own username and password, GoDataFeed will not work for you right away as it does not support the OAuth login system. (But keep reading!)

You can tell which login system you use based on your ShopSite backoffice login screen. If you see the ShopSite logo then you use the new multi user feature. If there is no logo, then you use the older system.

For the old login system you can continue with the these values:

Username: your shopsite username
Password: your shopsite password

If you instead have the new login then GoDataFeed will not work on its own, but we have an oAuth Bridge Module which will need to be installed before continuing. It’s a free module for LexiConn clients:

So you will need to have us install that module before completing the GoDataFeed setup.

All set? Good, now to use GoDataFeed with the oAuth module you first need to adjust the CGI Path value you entered above. Replace “bo” with “LexAuth”, like this:

Now continue with these values:

Username: your oAuth Bridge module username
Password: your oAuth Bridge module password

Save & Sync

You’re done! Click the Save button to save your settings and you will be prompted to import your products.  Click Yes to sync now and GoDataFeed should sync your products from ShopSite into GoDataFeed.

If it fails to sync check the settings to make sure they are correct. If it still fails just let us know what values you are entering and we’ll take a look at your account.

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