ShopSite OAuth Bridge Module

Free for hosted clients of LexiConn

Do you want to use ShopSite's new back office login system, only to discover that you cannot because you utilize a third party service that is not compatible? With our new OAuth Bridge Module, now you can!

We've created a bridge between the old legacy login system and the new login system in ShopSite. If you use a third party service such as Ordoro, Monsoon/Stone Edge, ShipWorks, GoDataFeed, etc... you can now enable the new login system in ShopSite, and still have these other services download data successfully from your ShopSite store.

The only change you'll need to make for these services is to give them a new URL to download data from ShopSite. The module will take their request, format it into the new OAuth format, get the response, and provide the results back to the service. The third party service does not have to natively support OAuth for connecting to your store as the module eliminates that requirement.

If you are a client of LexiConn and would like the OAuth module installed on your account, simply send an email letting us know you would like this added to your ShopSite store.

(Please note that you will only want to request this module if you utilize a 3rd party service that needs to download data from your ShopSite store, and you wish to use the new ShopSite login system.)

Not a hosted client of ours? Check out our simple, pain-free ShopSite transfer process to have your store and website moved over to LexiConn with no downtime.