Top Ecommerce Articles and Blog Posts for March 2013

snowy_marchMarch was a harsh month around here. Colder than normal temperatures, 18 inches of snow when they only predicted 3, and there’s still some snow on the ground today.

Spring-like weather is on our doorstep…

Here are four links I found worth reading.

TOP PICK: 11 Ways to Optimize Thank You PagesGet Elastic

Great ideas to think about implementing.

10 Ways to Compete Against Large Ecommerce CompaniesPractical Ecommerce
Simple ways to hold your own against the big dogs.

Designing A Better Mobile Checkout ProcessSmashing Magazine
Tons of things you can do to improve the mobile experience.

Surviving Google AdWords’ New Enhanced CampaignsPractical Ecommerce
Here’s what you need to know about the new PPC ads in Google.

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