Top Ecommerce Blog Posts and Articles for February 2012

Since we had an extra day last month, I tried hard to find extra good content in the month of February.

Fortunately, it wasn’t that difficult, as there were a lot of quality posts and articles to choose from.

Here’s my top 6:

TOP PICK: How to Compete on Price Against Large CompaniesPractical Ecommerce
Love it! Love it! Love it! Some great information in this one for *any* small ecommerce business.

What everybody ought to know about their competitorsJim’s Marketing Blog
Everyone’s perception is often skewed.

Find Your Site’s Biggest Technical Flaws in 60 MinutesSEOmoz
In-depth article about improving your SEO, complete with live examples

How to Win Back Customers With E-mail MarketingAmex OPEN Forum
Simple ideas to get old customers back in the buying saddle.

Tips for Effective eCommerce Website DesigneCommerce and Entrepreneurship Blog
Who doesn’t like an easy to implement tip for their site?

Pinterest Marketing Tips & Tricks to Drive Targeted TrafficSearch Engine Watch
Solid examples of how to leverage the Pinterest craze for your site.

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