Top Ecommerce Blog Posts and Articles for February

FebruaryIt’s the middle of winter, so here are a few gems we pulled from the “cold” web for our top articles and posts for the month of February.

Stay warm!

Ten Great Ecommerce Ideas for FebruaryPractical eCommerce
A good way to start the month – with timely tips.

Personalization PlusInternet Retailer
Customization is big bucks for e-tailers; both for profits and expenses

5 Questions You Should Ask Every CustomerDuct Tape Marketing
A must-read for every business owner. Simple questions to really know your market.

Digital Profiles: What Data Do You Need?MineThatData
Kevin sure knows his data mining! What every merchant should consider measuring.

Want to massively improve your marketing? Then get specific!Jim’s Marketing Blog
Another great piece of marketing advice from Jim.

Ten Must Read Tips to Start a Small Business BlogOnline Marketing Blog
A great primer or refresher for any business blog.

The Big Book of Site Search TipsSLI Systems
Content packed whitepaper from SLI that is all about ecommerce search.

Container Store Co-founder Shares Secret Shopping EncountersDallas Morning News
I love this story. Superb article that’s all about selling.

The Missing Google Analytics ManualBryan Eisenberg
This is the “wikipedia-like” article on setting up and getting the most out of Google Analytics

Read away!

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