Our 2012 Business Goal: Be Like Scotty

Which Scotty? I’m referring to the Engineer from the original Star Trek – He always managed to fix things much faster and better than his initial assessment would seem to indicate. (I’m sure he was padding the time/estimate to look better.)

Playing off of this (minus the padding), our 2012 goal is:

Accurate support that consistently exceeds expectations.

I know, not a quantitative goal (we have those internally), but I firmly believe that what sets us apart from other hosts is that we always strive to not only meet our obligations and website statements 100% of the time, but take a little extra time to go above and beyond.

Sometimes there isn’t time to do this, but whenever possible, everyone here understands the importance of exceeding expectations. It’s part of our “culture” as a company.

Try and find a large hosting company that takes this to heart. Making sure each email, each phone call, each interaction with a client is handled properly, timely, and dealt with in a personal and caring manner. That’s how we excel and stay ahead of the big dogs in this industry – By never losing site of the little things.

So that’s it. A simple statement that packs a punch when carried out day in and day out. It’s not flashy or lofty, but I feel it’s the “secret sauce” in our success.

I’ll let you know how I think we did in December.  :)

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