Top Ecommerce Blog Posts and Articles For January 2011

Man did it snow here in Connecticut this month! Over 71 inches of snow this winter, with more falling as I write this.

I thought I’d take a break from all this shoveling and list a few gems I found in January…

TOP PICK: Improving Your E-Mail Confirmations Can Boost ProfitsWeb Marketing Today
Just a few tweaks to your automated emails can really make a difference… see how here.

5 Tips for Better Results with Mobile Email MarketingCopyblogger
More email tips when dealing with cell phones.

27 things I need to see on an e-commerce homepageEconsultancy
A great checklist for what to have on your website.

The Biggest Mistake Made by Online MerchantsPractical Ecommerce
With that headline, how can you not click?  😉

Dear Catalog CEOs: MisinformationMine That Data
It applies to more than just cataloguers…

32 SEO Tactics to Avoid in 2011SEOmoz
I’m sure you can find a few that apply from this long list of dont’s.

How Google Analytics Improved Our Business Over 75%RemarkaBlogger
You have to look at your web stats…

11 Product Page testing Ideas for 2011Get Elastic
Some things to think about trying on your website this year.

Stop Making the 6 Biggest SEO MistakesSearch Engine Watch
Avoid these blunders in search engine optimization…

The Top 5 Ways a Blog can Boost Online Store Salesmywife QUIT
Blogging is so important for online stores.

The Perceived Value Of Your ProductThe Next Web
Know how to price your products for the most impact (and long-term profits)

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