Is Your Company Known For Something?

Everybody wants to be known or recognized for something. The same holds true for your online business. Being “known” for something means people seek you out, even though it may be more expensive, more time consuming, or even more work.

They value *you* over other choices, regardless of convenience. This is what you want!

There’s a reason…

  • There’s a reason I choose to go Harry’s Place in the summer and pay double what I’d pay elsewhere for a burger and fries. They are known for great summertime food.
  • There’s a reason I’ll travel two towns over for ice cream in the summer. They have the best ice cream around.
  • There’s a reason I only play golf with Titleist golf balls. They are known for making the best golf balls that help improve your game.

Perception is Reality

Is it true Harry’s burgers are the best? In my mind, it is, so I choose to go there (even when the line is almost across the street). I’m sure the ice cream in my town is just as good, but I don’t believe that to be the case. And with my less than stellar golf skills, I could probably hit a rock as well as a Titleist golf ball… but I don’t.

When you’re known for something, the “legend” of your greatness can overshadow reality. It can cloud people’s judgment. Or, you may actually be the best in your niche / industry.

Does it matter? Not really, as what people perceive to be true becomes the truth in their eyes.

Become Known

If you want to succeed and excel, your company must be known for something. Maybe it’s great customer service. Maybe your product is a best of breed solution. Or service that is second to none. Whatever, IT, is, make sure that you deliver IT 100% of the time.

Never falter when it comes to your bread and butter trait/service/product that people desire. If customers are coming to you for your great widget, and then they are disappointed with the widget, this can be deadly. An uber-expectant customer who is let down by your company will spread this disappointment with intensity. They’ll tweet about it, tell their Facebook friends, blog about it, and discuss it.

However, if you meet or exceed their already high expectations, they’ll reinforce the image that is building up in your niche that your company is the go-to solution to their problems.

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  1. Dave says:

    Sometimes, online ads are overrated. The products look different in the photos than the real thing. But it’s true, one has to deliver their products and services avant-grade. To be known for something is not enough. You have to be known for something excellent. You encourage us all to deliver 100%—yes, nothing reserved. It confirms my learning recently. We have to be thoughtful of our clients no matter what.

    • Caspar says:

      I totally agree with you Dave! When me and my friends get hungry and are searching for good food places, we usually take the place which has the Nr 1 pizza in town. And why are they the best in town? Well, they tend to think a bit ahead of time and spend a extra dollar on the fillings ,not being greedy.

      My five cents :)

      Caspar from Bröllopsdekorationer

  2. John says:

    This information is very true! If your company/business is not known for something, how are they to grow? In my hometown, there is a summer eatery right on the river. I’m not too fond of the burgers, but everyone goes there for the atmosphere. If you have a few great combinations, there is no going wrong.

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