Five Reasons Your Business Should Have a DUNS Number

numbersA DUNS number is a special number issued by Dun & Bradstreet to track a business so that information about that business can be reported to other institutions. Most businesses get a DUNS number when they are first formed. But why would a business want one?

Universally recognized

Dun & Bradstreet and a DUNS number is universally recognized as the standard in business reporting and identification. Over 150 million businesses worldwide are tracked by this system. It goes hand in hand with opening any business.

Establish Credibility

Having a DUNS number is a sign of credibility. It shows other businesses and institutions (i.e. banks) that you are serious about your business, and that your financial well being and corporate image are important. It is a sign that you intend to comply with business regulations, and are not afraid to make your company pulbically viewable.

Want government help or contracts? Better have a DUNS number.

Thinking about a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan? Want to land a government contract? A DUNS number is required for any activity that involves the United States government, or any work with the United Nations.

Helps when applying for loans or credit

Having a DUNS number, and the optional credit file service offered by D&B, will make it easier to apply for a loan or lines of credit.

Faster SSL secure certificate approval

If you are looking to get one of the newer Extended Validation (EV) SSL secure certificates for your website, or any organization validated SSL certificate, having a DUNS number allows the validation process to complete much faster. It bypasses the need to fax documents and proof of business ownership, which can save days of hassle. This is a huge advantage for any ecommerce website obtaining their own SSL certificate.

Obtaining a DUNS number is easy and free. Just head over to the Dun & Bradstreet website and you can start the process. It’s a great way to enhance your business, and make it easy for other organizations to verify your business credentials. If you already have a DUNS number, log into the D&B interface and make sure all the information on your company is up to date.

Photo credit: Katey Nicosia

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  1. I can attest to the fact that havig a DUNS # does make a difference when looking to acquire capital (loan) from a bank, even more so with the tight credit markets businesses face today.

  2. Hi. Thanks for creating this blog. I have been a business owner since 2008 – which is when I received all official government info, id’s and documents. I have had my DUNS number since that time. Recently, in launching my website, there have been many inquiries made by other businesses or individuals regarding my business. D&B then called me and said that I have to purchase a new DUNS number for over 400.00 so that they can provide info to those with inquiries about my business and credit. Maybe they meant the credit file service? But this is NOT what they told me. I was told that my DUNS number issued to me years ago is only a temporary DUNS, (which I have never heard of this), and that in order for my DUNS to be effective that I need to purchase a new DUNS number. My understanding is DUNS numbers are always issued free of charge.

  3. JPB says:

    I have had a DUNS number for two years and so far has proven to be of little use. It takes forever to get anything updated and they never get it correct. It has been a waste of $3,000 over the past two years.

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