Google My Business – Display Your Business Info On Google Maps & Search

Sure, we’re all about websites here at LexiConn, but many online stores have a physical store as well.  How does your listing look on Google for your store?  What does it look like on Google Maps?

Smartphone usage continues to climb and with that comes people searching on their phones for businesses while they are out shopping.  If you have a physical store why not make it easy for them to find you?  Google’s My Business service will help you do that!

What Is It?

Google’s My Business feature is basically a combination of Google Maps and Google+ that allows you to create a business page on Google+ and then list those details in Google Maps and search results.  If you post photos on your Google+ business page they will even show up on Google Maps.  Take a look at the sample below:

Google My Business Sample

Google My Business Sample

Here we have a search for “photo booth” on Google Maps, where the business name displays on the map.  When you click on the name you see the business details, including their hours, phone, and photos.

In some cases Google will display content from a Google+ page in search results, like in this example for us at LexiConn:

Google My Business in sarch results

Google My Business in search results

All of this content comes from the Google My Business feature.

Get On Google

It is a fairly easy process to get on Google, especially if you already have a Google account.  You most likely already have one for Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools.  Google will step you through the process of getting your business listed on their My Business page here:

They also have detailed help documents on their support site:

Don’t miss out on gaining good old foot traffic to your store, get your business listed on Google!


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