ShopSite 10 SP1 – Custom Template Tags For The New Features

shopsiteWith the new ShopSite version, 10 SP1, a number of new features were introduced. We’ve received quite a few emails about how to implement these new features in custom templates. We thought it would be handy to have this all in one place, so here you go.  :)

Global store settings and layout

ShopSite has introduced new global tags that can be used for colors, settings, logo images, header images, global text, etc… The ShopSite Cookbook entry Global Layout Customization has a good summary of all these new tags.

Global Publish Files

The new version now allows for published CSS and JavaScript files that can be called via “<link>” tags in your pages. This means that commonly used stylesheets and JS routines no longer have to be embedded in each html page, which reduces page size and can speed up loading by having these common files cached.

You can get more details on this new feature in the Cookbook at:
Global Publish Auxiliary Files

Social Media Sharing via AddThis

Merchants can now include a social media sharing link via AddThis:

addthis_exampleThis new feature uses the standard Tell A Friend template tag, so it’s easy to integrate. For a page:
[– IF TELLAFRIEND share –]
[– END_IF –]

For a More Information page:
[– IF TELLAFRIEND share –]
[– END_IF –]

Wishpot wishlist

Although we offer a direct Wishlist Add-on Module for ShopSite, version 10 SP1 allows merchants to offer a Wishpot wishlist system. Wishpot is a third party company that allows customers to maintain global wishlists across mutliple stores. If you choose to use this service, the Cookbook has information on the tags:
Wishpot Wishlist Feature

Multiple images on a more information page

A highly requested feature was the ability to assign multiple images to a product and have them easily displayed. Here’s the information on how to use this feature in custom templates:
Multiple Product Images and Thumbnails

Global Cross-sell on pages and more information pages

Merchants can now feature cross-sell products on any ShopSite page or more information page. The Cookbook has a number of examples on how to do this:
Cross-sell Products on Pages and More Info Pages

Global navigation menus

Now it’s easy to add global drop-down menus to all of your pages. For custom templates, it requires a new tag and some additional CSS. Here’s how:

Global Store Navigation

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Mike Masin says:

    Great information — a lot of new features. Clients are also pleased with the added Extra Fields (for Pages and Products); they increased from 10 to 25. ShopSite listened and responded!

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