ShopSite 10 Service Pack 2 (SP2) – Lots of Cool New Features

ShopSite has just released the latest version of their ecommerce software:
Version 10 Service Pack 2 (SP2)

ShopSite has a list of new features on their website. I thought I’d highlight a few of the new features in more detail.

Inventory Tracking for ordering options

This is the big one in SP2. It’s been a highly requested feature, and is now a reality. Merchants can now do a number of new things with ordering options (like size, color, etc..) (also known as product variations or variances):

  • Track inventory for ordering options (either one option like size, or specific combinations like size and color)
  • Assign a new SKU for a specific ordering option combination
  • Assign an optional additional weight or additional price for any combination of options
  • Assign a specific image for any ordering option combination. The image can change when a customer selects those options on a more information page. The alternate image is also displayed in the cart.
  • Not allow certain combinations to be ordered (i.e. you do not carry a blue size 10 shoe)

ShopSite’s implementation allows for dynamic dropdown menus on a moreinfo page. This means that the second or third dropdown is based on what the customer chose in the first/second dropdown.

Example: So if size is the first dropdown, the customer chooses small, and you do not offer a small red shirt, red will not appear in the second dropdown where they choose “color”.

Try our demo store more information page to see this in action.

Back office screen shot (click image to enlarge)

All of this can be managed from the web based back office interface, or via a product upload. We have a detailed tutorial about advanced ordering option product uploads.

Advanced Social Media Integration

Beyond the “share with friends” feature in ShopSite, merchants can now more closely tie their website with their Facebook page and Twitter account. Using features such as the new Facebook Like Button or better Twitter integration can be a big plus for merchants using social media in their marketing.

Facebook Config Screen (click image to enlarge)

Twitter Config Screen (click to enlarge)

Backoffice Dashboard

I love this new feature. It lets you personalize the admin back office interface. You can add statistics like recent sales, popular products, top customers, popular searches, and more.

You can easily move things around to your liking (a la an iGoogle personal page). ShopSite also included a feed reader module so you can display any RSS feed (like our blog!) right on your start page.

New dashboard interface (click image to enlarge)

Mobile backoffice interface

A nice touch for the merchant on the go. Log into the backoffice from your iPhone (or any other cell phone) and see a mobile optimized page showing recent orders and activity in your store. It’s quite handy when you need to check in remotely.

More email options

An expanded email configuration section allows merchants flexibility when it comes to email receipts to both the customer and the merchant. Find these new settings under:
Commerce Setup -> Order System -> Email

Email Config Screen (click image to enlarge)

Odds and ends…

  • Customers can now enter a shipping address right after signing up when using customer registration.
  • FedEx Web Services is now supported for real-time shipping (updated service)
  • Asynchronous Google Analytics is now supported (Loads Google Analytics code at the same time the web page is loading). Google’s blog post explains this in more detail.

ShopSite’s Template Cookbook has a new article for New Template Tags for ShopSite Version 10 SP2.

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