ShopSite Wishlist and Gift Registry Module

(This feature is now built into ShopSite directly.)

Now you can offer a wishlist or gift registry to your customers using ShopSite Pro. This module extends the functionality of ShopSite by integrating a full featured wishlist / gift registry into ShopSite. Allow customers to create private or public lists, email them to friends, rank the products, and have a checkout field that will automatically mark items as purchased in the wishlist. Specific features include:

  • Lists can be setup as private or public
  • Email wishlist / registry to friends/family
  • Easily purchase items directly from the wishlist
  • Can integrate with a ShopSite template
  • Search for wishlists
  • Sort items in wishlist by various criteria
  • Integrates with checkout to automatically mark items as purchased
  • Forgot password feature, require email confirmation to register
  • Links with ShopSite database for realtime pricing and options
  • Each product has link back to the website page where it was added

The module is installed by LexiConn, and is very easy to administer. Adding a custom checkout field and then adding links for "Add to Wishlist" is all that is needed for it to work.

View a demo of the wishlist system:

Documentation can be found in the Knowledgebase.