ShopSite Version 14 – Lots of Great New Features

ShopSite has recently released version 14 of its award-winning ecommerce software. The latest version introduces a number of new features and important changes that make it well worth upgrading…

That list includes:

  • Apple Pay now supported
  • Accept Gateway
  • Support for TaxJar for real-time tax calculations
  • Custom shopping cart fields
  • Coupon updates including blacklist support
  • Improved XML upload
  • 100% PCI compliant software
  • Improved checkout flow with regards to shipping zip code (more on this below)

A full list of the features and in-depth description may be found on the What’s New in ShopSite 14 help docs page.

Checkout flow improved

One of the changes in version 14 is a most welcome one for ShopSite merchants. In previous versions, if the shipping zip / postal code was changed on the checkout page, ShopSite would require the customer to go back to the cart page, recalculate shipping / taxes, and then proceed to the checkout page again. This was disruptive to the flow of checking out.

Add to this a customer paying via PayPal, with a saved address in PayPal that did not match what was entered on the cart screen, and a loop of trying to change the zip/postal code over and over could ensue.

With Version 14, this is no longer the case. If the customer changes the zip  / postal code on the checkout page, the shipping and tax is re-calculated on the checkout page, and a little pop-up lets the customer know if any prices changed due to their change of zip code. If the change results in a shipping option no longer being available, the pop-up tells the customer they are being returned to the cart to select a different shipping option.

TaxJar support

TaxJar is a real time sales tax calculation service that plugs in seamlessly to ShopSite. Merchants can now provide accurate sales tax amounts in complicated tax states like California or New York.

TaxJar is also small business friendly, with plans that won’t break the bank. It is a simple and fast way to have the most accurate sales tax rates in a ShopSite store.

ShopSite 14 is a must upgrade version for all ShopSite merchants. Lots of new features, bug fixes, improved checkout flow, and PCI compliant. If you’re a web hosting client of ours, you may request an upgrade to version 14 on our ShopSite Upgrade Page.


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