USPS Rate Change Issues with Priority Mail International

On Sunday, May 31, 2015, the US Postal Service (USPS) released an update to their rates and services. One of the changes they made was:

  • Origin ZIP Code required for Priority Mail International to Canada

Sounds like a harmless change, but it has caused a few headaches with many ecommerce applications that offer USPS rates to Canada…


[Update June 8, 2015] – All version 12 SP1r4 stores that we host have been patched to allow Priority Mail International rates to Canada.

Currently, Priority Mail International rates to Canada are not being returned in ShopSite (even in the latest 12 SP1r4 version). ShopSite is looking into it to see what is involved in getting these rates to work. When they release a patch, we’ll apply it to all 12 SP1r4 stores that we host.

If you use USPS for Canada in your ShopSite store, make sure there are other options like Express Mail International or First Class International available.


In Magento, rates to Canada if you offer Priority Mail International will now be a $0 option named “US Postal Service”.

[Update June 25, 2015] – Magento has released an official USPS API Patch to fix this issue.

Fortunately, there is a manual USPS patch on Stack Exchange that can be applied to get these rates to work. If you host your Magento store with us, let us know, and we can apply the patch. If you cannot have the patch applied, you may want to disable Priority Mail International if you get orders from Canada.

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