ShopSite Shipping With ShipStation

Your store is online, you’re taking orders, but is shipping them taking too long?  We have a time-saver for you:

ShipStation - Unshipped Orders

Dashboard Showing Orders To Ship

LexiConn has recently released a module to integrate your ShopSite store with ShipStation, a hosted order management system which can print all your shipping labels and even notify your customers of their tracking numbers.

ShipStation - Ship Sample

Printing a Priority Mail Shipping Label

The combination of ShopSite and ShipStation is seamless and allows you to easily print your shipping labels using a variety of carriers.  It can even print your packing slips for you when it prints the labels.

All of your orders will be imported into a dashboard where you can change shipping methods, update customer’s addresses, and even split orders if you want to ship just part of an order.

ShipStation has a free 30 day trial available which you can sign up for here.  For more information about our module, or to have it installed on your LexiConn account, please view the details here.

Not a hosted client? Check out our easy, pain-free transfer process to have your ShopSite store and website moved over to LexiConn with no downtime.

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