One Powerful Way to Speed Up Your Site and Sales

A faster site is a better site” – me

That’s my quote for the day. But don’t take my word for it.

Google thinks speed is important. So important it’s now a ranking factor.

Customers think speed is important. So important that nearly a third will leave your site if it does not load quickly.

I’ll hazard to guess that [Google + Customers] pretty much encompasses your entire sales funnel.

So now you believe speed is important. That’s the first step. The next step is what to do about it…


I wrote a blog post that covers how to speed up your website. It covers things such as enabling compression, using static caching, and combining files for faster page loads. It’s a few easy steps to make your site somewhat faster.

But it’s not going to speed up the bulk of your site’s load time.


The majority of the time it takes for your pages to load is due to your images. They are the largest items in terms of bytes, and are usually the largest in terms of number of items on a page.

Sure, you can optimize the images, shrink them down, compress them for optimal web viewing, but this only gets you so far.

What would really help is if these images were able to load faster to your customers’ computers. So someone browsing in Europe and someone browsing in Idaho would be able to download your images at the same fast speed.

Enter the CDN!

That’s where a Content Delivery Network (CDN) comes into play. a CDN takes your images from your website, and distributes them across the globe to various locations (known as nodes). Using geo-filtering technology, the CDN node closest to your customer delivers the images and content that are on the CDN.

What does this mean?

It means your visitors will be able to download your images / video faster due to the data being much closer to them. Add in the compression and optimization to your web pages we mentioned previously, and everything on your site will be sped up.

CDN with LexiConn is a snap

Are you thinking it might be a lot of work to properly set up and maintain a CDN service? Not sure how to implement it in your ecommerce / ShopSite store? With us, we take all of the work out of it!

It’s as easy as signing up for the LexiConn CDN service. We’ll take care of adjusting your ShopSite software to use the CDN for your images. We’ll make sure proper compression and caching is enabled. And we’ll provide you with a special URL to call any image/video via the CDN.

A CDN is a great service for any ecommerce store that uses a lot of images or video. I’ve seen it speed up webpages by 3-6 seconds, which is quite a lot! We make it painless to implement and use. We’ll even run tests before and after to show you the speed increase. It’s a simple way to make your customers’ experience better, and to hopefully increase sales. So Sign Up today and see what a difference a CDN can make.

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  1. Barb Lulay says:

    Curious if this would help conversion and the cost of it.

    Thank you,

    • A CDN is a very cost effective way to speed up your site. Many studies show faster websites often translate to increased sales. We’ve already seen a number of ecommerce / ShopSite clients make their sites 2-5 seconds faster through the use of a CDN and compression.

      The cost is $20/month (for up to 50 GB of traffic, which is normally more than most websites use), and we handle the setup and integration with a ShopSite store.

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