Easy Order and Inventory Management in ShopSite with Ordoro

Once an order is complete in ShopSite ®, every merchant has to process that order, print labels, ship it, track inventory, and order new items to replenish their stock levels. Since the ShopSite software does not provide these features, it requires either manual work, or a third-party application to complete these tasks.

Fortunately, there’s a great web-based service available that seamlessly integrates with your ShopSite store:

Ordoro – Web-based order management and fulfillment

Why I like Ordoro

I’ve been working closely with the folks over at Ordoro over the past few months. From testing their software to discussing issues we see merchants face every day. And I’ve been impressed with what they have to offer, and how they run things. Specifically:

  • They’re a small group of people who are focused on customer service
    No getting lost in the shuffle, no passing the buck. They work closely with their clients (many of which are our clients as well), and are very responsive to their needs.
  • They understand ShopSite and merchants
    They started out integrating with ShopSite, and really know how the product works. This makes a big difference in my opinion.
  • They are constantly improving the service
    They listen to their clients, and then implement features quickly that would be of benefit to a merchant.

Their approach to business reminds me a lot of how we operate, which to me is a very important quality.

Ordoro has lots of great features

I’m not going to list them all here, but their feature set and ease of use, combined with it being web-based, makes their service stand out.

From printing labels to an intuitive dropship system, they cover all the bases. Their system is powerful enough to support larger merchants processing hundreds of orders a day, but simple enough to provide value to a small store handling a few orders per day.

Try Ordoro for Free (and get 50% off when you sign up before March 15th)

Ordoro offers a FREE 15 day trial of their service. It’s a great way to see if their system will work for your business. They’ll help you get started and make it easy to sync to your ShopSite store.

And when you’re ready to sign up, use the promo code LEXICONN and get 50% off your first month of service (valid through March 15, 2011).  :)

So if you’ve struggled with managing orders in the past, or are curious as to what Ordoro can do to help you streamline your business, give their trial a shot. Or give them a call and discuss your needs in more detail.

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