ShopSite Tip – Add a Contact Us Page

Tweet Our customers all need to reach us at some point.  Maybe they need to call, send an email, fill out a contact form, or visit in person – and a Contact Us page allows them to get the information they need to reach you. In this blog post we’ll show how to easily add […]

Magento Go Shutting Down – Where to Go Next?

Tweet Back in July 2014, Magento (owned by eBay) announced that it would be shutting down its Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) ecommerce platform known as Magento Go. Merchants on Magento Go have until February 1st, 2015 to move their stores to another application. Magento will be focusing on their standalone products – Magento Community Edition (CE), a […]

Google Shopping Adds Product Reviews

Tweet Last week Google announced plans to begin displaying aggregate product review information within Google Shopping Campaigns (formerly known as Product List Ads).  Meaning Google will display stars and review counts next to each paid product listing. You can read the full announcement at: This is a BIG, long awaited development, that is sure […]

Shipping API Monitor – What Does 1 Year Tell Us?

Tweet One of our projects here at LexiConn – – just had a birthday.  The website recently passed 1 year of monitoring the FedEx, UPS, and USPS shipping APIs, and we thought – why don’t we take a look at some of the stats and see what we’ve tracked over the last 12 months? […]

7 Common Reasons Why Products Don’t Display in Magento

Tweet In this post, we will be reviewing some of the more common reasons Magento products do not display in the frontend. 1.  Product updates have invalidated the cache When using the Magento cache option, a refresh is required after product updates. System > Cache Management   The invalidated cache will be displayed in orange. […]

Top Ecommerce Blog Posts and Articles for June 2014

Tweet Four great articles worth a read for any ecommerce merchant… Recipe for Responsive Ecommerce Product Pages in 2014 – Practical Ecommerce Some good tips about creating a great responsive website Deconstructing E-Commerce Search: The 12 Query Types – Baymard Institute How customers actually search a website The Landing Page Optimization Guide You Wish You’ve […]

Bounced Emails – Common Issues and What To Do

Tweet It happens to everyone once in a while – you send an email and it bounces back undeliverable.  You end up with a cryptic email which may have 30-40 lines of strange information in it, but what do you do to fix it?  Luckily the most common issues are easily resolved and the details […]

Magento – Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Tweet Magento is a popular, powerful ecommerce solution. It’s also quite slow out of the box. How slow? The metaphor “as slow as a snail” comes to mind. (and that’s being kind…) However, with a few changes and some know-how, Magento can be as fast as any other ecommerce application, and likely faster than most. […]

Shopsite Tip – Universal Analytics

Tweet As many of you know, the latest version of ShopSite (v12) now supports Google’s Universal Analytics tracking code. Universal Analytics includes many improved features over its predecessor, including: Tracking of user sessions across multiple devices Compatibility with more devices More control over configuration options Custom dimensions and metrics for more advanced reporting A complete […]

ShopSite Tip – Quick Tips For Quantity Discounts

Tweet Quantity Pricing is a simple but powerful feature in ShopSite Pro which allows you to provide discounts for large orders, and even discount pricing across multiple products in the same product group. In this post we’ll cover some tips for configuring as well as common mistakes which can occur.   The Settings Quantity Pricing […]