ShopSite Tip – Quick Tips For Quantity Discounts

Tweet Quantity Pricing is a simple but powerful feature in ShopSite Pro which allows you to provide discounts for large orders, and even discount pricing across multiple products in the same product group. In this post we’ll cover some tips for configuring as well as common mistakes which can occur.   The Settings Quantity Pricing […]

Google Shopping: Goodbye Product Listing Ads

Tweet Google recently launched Shopping Campaigns, a new type of Adwords campaign, which is set to replace Product Listing Ad campaigns (PLA’s).  New Merchant Center feeds are required to use the new Shopping Campaign type.  According to Google, legacy feeds will be migrated to the new campaign type later this Summer (August 2014 ETA). The […]

How To Set Up Selective Master Slave Replication in MySQL

Tweet There are a number of tutorials out there for setting up Replication in MySQL. However, I couldn’t find one that fully addressed setting up selective master-slave replication in MySQL. By selective, I am referring to only having one or a few databases that are replicated from the master database to the slave database. Any […]

ShopSite Shipping With ShipStation

Tweet Your store is online, you’re taking orders, but is shipping them taking too long?  We have a time-saver for you: LexiConn has recently released a module to integrate your ShopSite store with ShipStation, a hosted order management system which can print all your shipping labels and even notify your customers of their tracking numbers. […]

Heartbleed – All LexiConn Servers Patched

Tweet  If you haven’t already seen or heard about Heartbleed, the large vulnerability that affected over half a million trusted websites, here is a synopsis, the status of our servers being patched, and my take on why the sky is NOT falling due to this issue. LexiConn is Safe Once this vulnerability was announced, we […]

ShopSite Tip: Order Notification Blocking May Affect You!

Tweet If your store is currently configured to send order notifications with the customer as the ‘From’ address (default setting), you may soon stop receiving these notifications.  This will apply to any merchant currently forwarding order notifications to GMail, Yahoo and other 3rd party mail servers. This is true even if your store email address […]

Five Hidden Pitfalls Of Remotely Hosted Shopping Carts

Tweet There are two broad types of ecommerce solutions: 1. Software that is installed in a hosting account (like ShopSite or Magento) -or- 2. Software as a service [SaaS] (no installation or ownership of files like Volusion, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc…) (Remotely hosted shopping cart) Although the idea of not having to install or maintain any […]

ShopSite Tip – Coupon Code Pop-Up

Tweet JavaScript can be used for a variety of features on the Shopping Cart page in ShopSite, such as this tip for showing the amount left to purchase to receive free shipping, and today we’re going to look at a very simple piece of code which will pop-up an alert to the customer with a […]

Our New Website is Live!

Tweet Break out the champagne and confetti! At least that’s how I feel after finalllllly getting the new website out the door. We launched the new site this past Friday afternoon. It was a long process, but one that required patience and attention to detail to get right. Out with the old It has been […]

ShopSite Tip – Featured Product Reviews Page

Tweet In this post, we are using the ShopSite Product Review module to display a single page containing reviews/testimonials for selected products (or all products depending on catalog size and number of available reviews). Merchandising > Custom Templates > Pages/Products 1.  Create a new Product template containing only a [-- DEFINE PRODUCT --] section (You […]