New Blog Series – We Host Magento Better

Over the next few months, you may see a number of smaller blog posts in a new series we’ve titled “We Host Magento Better”. These posts will highlight some of things we do here at LexiConn that set us apart from other web hosts when it comes to supporting and helping merchants get the most out of their Magento store.

Often times, the small things we do for our Magento clients on a daily basis are not well publicized. In a world where hosting has become more of a commodity, the art of doing things well for Magento stores is many times lost. Its importance goes unnoticed until an issue occurs that could have been avoided with a web host that is looking out for the “gotchas” that accompany Magento.

We’ll point out things we do, policies we have, and actions we take to help our Magento clients sleep well at night knowing their store is being watched over and kept fast and secure. Most web hosts give you the keys and say “good luck” when it comes to Magento. Some may have a few knowledge base articles, or pre-configure a generic environment they say is optimized for Magento. Very few will do the things needed to not only set up a store for success, but continue to analyze and adjust settings, parameters, and patches to keep that store running well for years to come.

Hopefully through this series of posts we’ll be able to make a successful case for what it is we do that sets us apart from other web hosts when it comes to Magento. We’ll prove that customer focused, hands-on web hosting is still an important quality for any ecommerce merchant that wants a partner for their online store.

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  1. David Sacco says:

    Having been with y’all for a bit, I know… first hand… repeatedly… what you do. and always have done, that sets you apart. Thank you!

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